London love by Taran Wilkhu

Photography by Taran Wilkhu - London style

My friend Taran is a fabulous photographer based in London. I've featured some of his work before on MLW so you might recognize his name. This time though I'm featuring a bride and groom who got married yesterday. Big congrats to the lovely couple Sonia & Rajit! April seems to be rather popular for weddings ;-) London in spring is awesome , it's still cool enough to wear a jacket, yet the sun comes out and the tree's start to bloom. It gives hope that summer is on it's way. It also makes a perfect backdrop for a fun pre-wedding photo shoot... Ranjit & Sonia are a lovely easy going, fun loving, spontaneous , and happy couple who met at work nearly 8 years ago. The Yorkshire based couple are due to wed over Easter and you can imagine are nervous but very excited about the big day and their future together. A few weeks back, they got on the first train from Leeds to London for their pre-wedding shoot to try and miss the tourist trade as they were eager to have an … [Continue]

Busy bee… (sorry for no blog action)

Hi Lovelies, I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything for the past few days. I got back from the UK on Tuesday morning around 4am, and spent the rest of the day tucked up in bed with my stinky cold. Anyway, I've been so busy over the past 2 days that I haven't even had a chance to sit down and finish any of my drafted blogs. I have two wedding this weekend, which are going to be wonderful.. (well that's my aim) I'll be styling Vanessa & John's wedding on Saturday at The Arabian Ranches Polo Club, with a simple, yet very gorgeous set up. And then on Sunday I'll be spending my morning at Al Badia Golf Club preparing for Ola's afternoon wedding ceremony, followed by a very glamorous evening reception at Mina Al Salam. All so different, but equally as lovely. So now you know why I've been so busy :) Anyway, I'm going to finish off some DIY, and swap my blue  jeans for some snazzy pjs. Yes, it's 7.35pm on Thursday night... rock and roll baby! OK folks... have an awesome … [Continue]

The April wedding must-have…

Creative Box Dubai

As we rock on into April, I'm well aware that the heat is on it's way. Summer is just around the corner, and that means the outdoor wedding season is slowly coming to an end. (Booooooo) It also means that I get to have a little break, and catch on admin. (Booooo... boring!) While the past 3 months have been delightful, and at times a little drizzley... I can confirm that this wedding season has been rather awesome. Rock on October for round two! Although the wedding season doesn't officially end, outdoor weddings will soon become indoor, and ballrooms across Dubai will be booked up with glamorous local weddings. For now though, we have a few weeks left of this hot but manageable weather... and if you're getting married outside on a Friday or Saturday afternoon, then this is your wedding must-have. A fan. Simple, yet definitely required for an outdoor April wedding. Ritu at Creative Box created these personalised fans which not only work as an order of the day, but will … [Continue]

The Montgomerie Wedding Fair… on video!

Goldfish Photography & Video sent me this beauty earlier this week.... I had no idea they were making a video of the wedding fair, so it was a lovely surprise. It made me feel so proud... :) If you missed my blog with all the pictures, you can check it out here * I hope you enjoy my lovelies... … [Continue]

This week I love… a rustic wedding!

Feeling inspired by my current surroundings of lush green hills, and a garden full of rustic gems. (Think large wood logs, big bushy plants, wild flowers in the garden and rustic old vintage wheel barrows... and no I'm not in Dubai, I'm in Somerset, England!) I decided to make a mood board for a rustic themed wedding. Old crates, wild flowers, recycled wood accessories and bakers twine are all key to making your wedding have that rustic touch. Oh and it wouldn't be 'rustic' without a touch of burlap!   Olivia Burton slim watch, £82 / Rustic home furniture, £480 / Skagerak fruit crate, £66 / Metal home decor, £23 / Apple crate, £53 / Hard wood furniture / Crate and Barrel succulent pot, £6.60 / Crate and Barrel indoor outdoor string light, £15 / Plastic woven basket, £22 / Wooden candlestick, £43 / Crate & Barrel Pussy Willow Branch, £9.01 Burlap lamp, £505 / Wood footstool, £200 / Ethan Allen beige throw pillow, £72 / Burlap home decor, £36 / Crate and … [Continue]

Jill & Nick’s Lovely Wedding – Part 1

Jill & Nick's wedding at The Arabian Ranches Golf Club

On the 21st February Jill and Nick said ‘I do’ at Jebel Ali Church, just after 1pm on a sunny Friday afternoon. After the ceremony the bride and groom shuffled their guests onto a big red bus, to make the 15 minute drive to Arabian Ranches Golf Club. As guests arrived they were welcomed with cocktails, and afternoon tea. (How very English indeed!) I must admit that I love this wedding, just a little bit more than the others I have featured on MLW. You may be wondering why? Well that's because Jill discovered most of her vendors through MLW, and even found her wedding venue too. I can't begin to tell you how happy this makes me. It's also one of my favorites, because I styled her wedding. When I first met Jill, she had a Pinterest page full of different ideas that she equally loved. It was my job to take her ideas and her visions, and make it come to life. I started by putting together three mood boards, and out of the three we choose the bright and colourful chevron theme. I … [Continue]

Get that bridal glow by juicing…


About two weeks ago I bought myself a juicer. I have a few friends who are big fans of juicing, and are somewhat addicted to the fresh and organic blend of fresh fruits and veggies. So, I decided to try it out, and 2 weeks later I can confirm that I'm hooked. It's awesome.  I'm a big smoothie fan, but this juicing thing is really fun. It's a great way to get all the goodness into your body... and fast. I've even noticed a difference with my hair and my skin… I feel healthy, I have more energy and I'm happy knowing that I'm getting lots of vitamins and goodness into my body. I only wish I had got on this juicing train before my wedding day. If you're a bride-to-be aiming to loose a few lbs before the big day, or you want fancy a detox with a goal of getting glowing skin and shiny hair… then this is a must. Even if you don't diet, or cut out your usual carb loaded dinner, you will still get all the extra good stuff by juicing. By no means am I an expert… but from my experience I can … [Continue]

Introducing Melrish Photography

Melrish Photography - Dubai wedding Photo

Hello lovelies... How are we all today? If you're getting married in Dubai and are still on the hunt for a fabulous wedding photographer, then today just might be your lucky today. I have a new photography team joining MLW this week. Meet  Melrish Photography! Melon and her partner Arish are a happy-go-lucky couple who love weddings, love photography and have an impressive portfolio of weddings under their name. I met Melon last year over coffee at Dubai Mall. Funny enough it wasn't at Starbucks.. which is probably why I remember it so well. (Sorry Starbucks fans) And obviously I remember it because melon was just really sweet :) I'm really excited to have another photography team on board. I know that it might be overwhelming for some brides (perhaps too many good options may be confusing?!) but I think variety is good. Everyone has their own style, and only you (the bride-to-be) can determine who is right for you. Photography is one of the most important parts of … [Continue]

Videographer promotion… get in qucik!

Lamia - Wedding Videographer

Hello Lovelies, I'm posting this blog before I dash off to the airport. I'm off to the UK for a week, but will be online most days. I am actually very excited to sit on the plane and watch 3 movies in a row... with NO phone. Although it's usually very nice having a phone, with wifi, instant connection to emails, brides and friends... I do really like 7 hours of pure movie time. :) (A little geeky but that's who I am) Anyway.... Today I have an exciting blog post. My friend Lamia; videographer, director... creator of generally awesome videos, is offering MLW readers an amazing deal. Before I go into the details, check out her stunning wedding trailer. I have featured it before, but who cares... I like it :) WEDDING TRAILER - Dubai, UAE from LamiaAlami on Vimeo. This deal is an incredible deal... and with 12 hours of coverage you can get every special moment caught on camera. Wedding Video coverage (2 cameras for 12 hours which includes the set-up/wrap time) + 3 … [Continue]


That's right folks... book now and save 20% on your wedding photography. Believe me, that extra money can go along way when you're paying for a whole wedding. :) You could buy some fancy shoes, or buy yourself something pretty for your honeymoon.... just smile sweetly to your hubby-to-be and I'm sure he won't mind. Oh and if the smiling doesn't work, bake something... you can't go wrong with baked goods lol! Email for all the details! Happy Sunday everyone...   … [Continue]