A beautiful Indian wedding in Geneva…


Happy Thursday lovely readers! I tried to post this blog before I left the house this morning but it just didn't happen. Fast forward 6 hours  and I'm finally back at my desk and ready to press 'publish'. Today's wedding video is blooming gorgeous. It's got a sort of rawness to it that I really like. It's not glitzy and glamorous, it organic and beautiful and edited perfectly. It was sent to me by my new friend Danilo at Arproductions Films in Italy a few weeks back and between now and then I must of watched it about 5 times. It's easy to see why it's so beautiful... An interracial and interfaith wedding, both ceremonies were suggestive and beautiful. The civil ceremony was during the morning at the city hall of Cologny and in the afternoon the bride transformed for the Indian ceremony.  It’s amazing how far culture can go outside of it’s home country. The bride looked stunning in traditional Indian attire. The bride and groom both work at the International Federation of Red … [Continue]


Lovely Styling - Coming soon

Trying to be a thirty bride doesn't come so easy for some. The idea of 'Do it yourself' is unfamiliar to a lot of brides in the UAE. However the idea of saving money, being thrifty and doing it yourself is something that excites me. In a few weeks I will be launching 'Lovely Styling'. It's going to be a platform to showcase the weddings I've styled and consulted on over the past year. It will display styled shoots and lots of pretty pictures. It will also include a breakdown of my services which until now I've not really explained properly. After working on this side of the wedding business for nearly a year now I've come to understand what brides really want, and this often comes down to the budget. Big budget over the top luxurious weddings just don't do it for me. Of course I love all types of weddings, the brides stories, the decor and all things wedding related... but through my experiences I've realised that I work better with a particular type of bride. I like to be … [Continue]

The Ultimate Style Statement…

Wedding dress blog by guest blogger leena.

It's that time again when I hand MLW over to one of my guest bloggers, and today Lovely Leena is back with a subject every bride will love! Draped to the tune of extreme elegance, swishing metallic satin silks in hundreds of subtle shades from pristine white to warm ivory………A dress constructed to personify the woman within with maximum play up of her beauty and charm. Perhaps the most important fashion statement she will ever make. The wedding dress of course, that must rival all those that came before it! Leaving the most lasting impression ever desired. The mystique, the drama, the tears of pain and pleasure that surround it are a tradition in itself. As with all fashion the wedding gown has evolved into a most versatile entity, in the variation in length, colour, textures, cuts and embellishment. Although the lure of the classic white or ivory dress in a long silhouette remains a hot favorite. Tradition never dates or goes out of fashion. And fashion trends have a way of … [Continue]

Going retro with a jukebox!

Jukebox wedding

Afternoon lovelies, I hope you're having a blooming lovely Monday? As promised I did some research {mainly on Pinterest} and found some rather cool jukebox photos. I didn't find may but then again you don't need to see so many different pictures of the same thing. A jukebox is a jukebox :) They may just inspire you to hire a jukebox for your Dubai wedding. I know I would :) If you missed this mornings post just click on the link...  http://www.mylovelywedding.com/rent-a-jukebox-for-your-dubai-wedding/ Photo Credits.. boards.weddingbee.com, rocknrollbride.com, theniftyfifties.tumblr.com, google.com, Photography by Gema  P.S LOTS more retro wedding inspiration coming soon... watch this space people.   … [Continue]

Rent a jukebox for your Dubai wedding…

piano white

If you're a regular follower of my Facebook page you may of seen my recent sneak peek of a 50s styled retro shoot? If not well, let me fill you in. Last week I teamed up with some of my favorite Dubai vendors for a fun 50s inspired photo shoot. Our aim was to create pretty inspirational pictures. I also just love the 50s. Pin up girls, retro tattoos and cute hair ribbons tied in a bow. Lets just say, it's very 'me'. Which brings me to today's blog. The Ultimate Jukebox. {So very retro} Yes folks... you can hire a jukebox for your wedding in the UAE. The jukeboxes vary in price from AED 1200-1,500 for a standard GEMMpod to a more fancy touchscreen version that's AED 2,750 per event.  It really doesn't sound like a lot when some of the wedding bands in the UAE charge AED 14,000 for the night. This is the perfect solution for small intimate weddings. Owner and co founder Gael says...   All the music is tailored to the clients exact requirements - and because it is a … [Continue]

Victoria & Ryan’s Dubai Wedding…

A lovely Dubai wedding photographed by Christophe.

Victoria & Ryan got married legally on the 18th February 2014 and had their white wedding two days later. It's pretty common to do that in Dubai, and really it's kinda cool because you get to have two weddings... with two dresses ;-) They had a blessing and a wedding reception at One and Only Palm Jumeirah, which was executed by the bride perfectly. This thrifty bride made me smile when she got in touch a few months back to hand over all of her wedding accessories. I added large glass vases, gold glittery bottles and boxes of candles to my wedding inventory. I admired her skills for DIY and only wish more brides would do the same. Yes it's hard work but it's so personal... and fun too! Their vision for the day was to 'embrace the Dubai climate & have fun'. So now, before I babble on too much it's over to the bride... My Lovely Accessories… I love hats & knew Karen Hamilton would be able to make something to complete my outfits. Karen made some improvements to … [Continue]

The French Riviera wedding in pictures…

Gorgeous outdoor wedding in the French Riviera -Photography by www.timepiece-studio.com

Happy Friday lovely readers... I hope you're all having a fabulous Friday morning? I thought I'd share some pretty wedding pictures today by Timepiece studio . Seriously I think it's one of the most elegant wedding's I've ever seen. The bride is just gorgeous with her long blonde locks and softly tanned skin. If she wasn't a bride her beauty would almost be annoying.. (in a nice way of course) I must say that the groom is dashingly handsome too. Love a groom in a tux! Vendor credits go to... Wedding Videographer : Airsnap   Wedding Photographer : Timepiece studio  Wedding Planner : Haute wedding Wedding rings : Packouz Wedding Venue :   La Bastide St-Antoine  Florist :  Wayne Riley Flowers  Wedding Band : Erik Brinkman with Bronkenstein Wedding Entertainment : Joe Mendes Transportation/ Wedding Cars : Leroy Classic Cars Hair and Makeup Artist:  Sarah James Last week I featured the video and today you have the photos. If you happened to miss the video you can check … [Continue]

A Nigerian Wedding at Ritz & Burj Al Arab!

Morning! I'm up bright and early today with a really sweet wedding video by Dubai wedding videographers; Blue Eye Picture. It's a little longer than the usual videos I post so I suggest you put the kettle on and make yourself a warm beverage before pressing play. The video starts by capturing a beautiful shot of The Ritz, JBR.. and it reminds me of how lucky we are to live in a city with such lovely venues. A sea view with added green touches... it's sort of the perfect combination. {But be warned this couple went all out and had their wedding reception at the famous 7* hotel 'Burj Al Arab'. #fancy} The Nigerian wedding ceremony is complimented with a backdrop of the sky rise buildings of JBR... so very Dubai! There is a very light ocean breeze that captures the movement of the chair ties along the aisle, and the weather looks so pleasant it's got me so excited for winter in Dubai. I don't know about anyone else but I'm so over this heat. Roll on December weddings! I personally … [Continue]

The stressed and disheartened Dubai bride

Last night while I was watching TV, munching down a left over portion of lasagne and browsing Facebook all the same time, I came across some comments that grabbed my interest. A fellow blogger, one of the most well known and fabulous wedding bloggers of all time, "Rock 'n' Roll Bride" posted an emailed from a bride-to-be feeling stressed, anxious and dreading her wedding day. www.facebook.com/rocknrollbride My heart sank and it brought me back the memory of those 'bad days' when I felt an overwhelming wave of anxiety  and pressure to plan the wedding of my dreams. It's hard planning a wedding, it's harder planning a wedding on a budget, and it's also harder planning a wedding in a different country to your own. This bride was fed up with no one taking her seriously, and the lack of interest in her wedding from family members was getting her down. I felt so sad for this girl who had thought planning her wedding would be exciting and a joyful journey, because it should be. You're … [Continue]

Shop online for your big day…

Onlines shops - Planning your wedding

Good afternoon lovely readers! If you're getting married in the UAE later this year then I know you will be at the stage where you will be getting into details just about now, maybe sourcing inspiration from blogs like MLW or browsing over Pinterest and loosing hours of your time... because all brides like pretty pictures. I often find myself browsing for the web for inspiration and wasting half a day just on Pinterest. I'm not only in love with weddings, and DIY decor but home interiors too. Some would say I'm slightly addicted. We live in world where 'Googling' has become a part of our daily routine, and we use it for everything. From planning your wedding to self diagnosing that headache you've had for over two weeks. (you know exactly what I'm talking about) It can be a little dangerous and it can also contribute to a wild imagination. But then again, a wild imagination can only be a good thing. It helps the creative juices to flow... especially when planning your wedding.  … [Continue]