A personal blog – My baby journey.

Hello my lovelies, How are we all today? For those of you who follow me on social media you’ll know by now that I am pregnant! I’m 16 weeks today and feeling fabulous. If you had asked me how I felt 6 weeks ago it would have been a very different answer. Nausea, tiredness, emotional… the usual pregnancy symptoms! I’ve been in two minds about sharing my story but since half my life is on the blog and I’ve been writing My Lovely Wedding for over 3 years now I feel it’s only fair that I share this part of my life with you all today. The Start Let me take you back to January 2013. Nathan and I had just got married and the subject of babies came up quite quickly. A month after our wedding I came off the contraceptive pill and we started ‘trying’ to get pregnant. I use the word ‘trying’ loosely as we didn’t go by ovulation timings or try too hard. It was casual and we were relaxed. I knew deep down it wouldn’t happen overnight and I was right. We spent nearly a year trying and … [Continue]

Another awesome discount only for MLW readers!


Nooooo way... another discount. Man, my vendors are so nice. Goldfish Photography and Video are giving MLW readers a massive 15% discount to anyone who books before end the of October. It's a pretty sweet deal isn't it. ;-) If you fancy having a browse at some of their previous weddings just click on the links below... I rounded them up so you don't have it. I know, I'm also pretty nice like that. Email Claire at hello@goldfishdubai.com or visit http://goldfishdubai.com/ for more info. Laters lovelies... … [Continue]

Top tips for sourcing your wedding cake…

Wedding Cake Inspiration

Morning Lovelies, Today cake designer and owner of Cake Land; Mona is sharing her top tips for ordering your wedding cake and I hope you'll find them useful for when you're at the stage of sourcing your wedding cake. The best bit is probably the cake tasting... it will seriously put you in the wedding mood and you'll probably leave on a sugar high. Bonus! ;-) And over to Mona... Always go for a custom designed cake as opposed to a photo from pinterest. Custom designed cakes are more personal, more you, your partner and your big day! Most weddings these days are themed and the cake is part of that theme. Things like the wedding invitation, table setup, hall decoration, ...etc are designed following a certain idea and those are the items you need to be sharing with your cake decorator to inspire them. It's also a good idea to get your cake decorator together with your wedding planner so they can share the same vision. Your cake decorator should be able to draw a sketch … [Continue]

House of Moirai has a new website!


Oh blimey... my lovely friend and talented dress designer has only gone and launched a brand new website; www.houseofmoirai.com Looking for pretty custom made dresses, maybe a wedding dress or a dress for your best friend aka newly promoted maid of honor? well, you've come to the right place. Barbaranne aka 'B' at House of Moirai recently launched her new website, with new branding and a whole new look. Her brand totally represents her personality... she's sweet, caring, and ever so genuine. I must add that she's ever so pretty but in a very natural way. She's one of these girls who looks beautiful without an ounce of make up, and I think that reflects in her work too. Nothing is over the top, or made without love... her dresses are simple yet utterly perfect. So if you're not familiar with this glorious brand then read on... House of Moirai, established in 2012 by British fashion designer Barbaranne Heaton. ‘B’ wanted to create beautiful hand crafted garments designed with the … [Continue]

Honeymoon Inspiration: Offbeat Safaris


So here I am on a Tuesday morning sitting in front of my laptop dreaming of gorgeous travel destinations and I thought what better time to tell you about Offbeat Safaris as an idea for your exotic honeymoon! I couldn't quite believe my luck when Joelle asked me to write about this - it looks so amazing! My husband and I have been chatting for what want to do for our honeymoon for months now - see the problem is I would love to be permanently attached to a sunbed on a beach somewhere (obviously) but my husband loves doing and seeing things and being active so we've been struggling to come up with a happy medium. Now here's where a safari comes in as a perfect idea as opportunity to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I mean can you honestly think of a more unforgettable way to start your life as husband and wife than seeing lions and giraffes in the wild followed by retiring in a luxurious lodge at the end of the day?! Offbeat Safaris houses four properties throughout Kenya … [Continue]

Win your wedding dress with Vanila Wedding Boutique & Radio 2 Dubai.

Vanila Wedding Dresses

Fancy winning a wedding dress? {Sounds pretty sweet doesn't it?!} Well, it's so easy it's a little bit silly. All you need to do is tell Vanila Wedding Boutique and Radio 2 why you are the PERFECT BRIDE. I told you, it's really easy. The winner will be declared on the 8th of October. So hop on over to the Radio2 web-site to take part in the contest.   Terms & Conditions on participation in the Contest from Vanila Wedding Boutique. WINNER: – Winner should choose the wedding dress by the 1st of July 2016 – Winner should allow making photoshoot of herself in the Boutique while choosing the wedding dress (not fitting) and allow to use the images on Vanila Wedding Boutique’s (Vanila Studio DMCC) and Gulf New Broadcasting LLC social media platforms. – Winner should deliver the professional wedding photoshoot footage after the wedding date within maximum of 3 months to Vanila Wedding Boutique (Vanila Studio DMCC) and allow to use it on Vanila Wedding Boutique’s and … [Continue]

Inspiration: 5 Ways to Celebrate with Your Bridesmaids


Let's hear it for our beautiful bridesmaids, the unsung heroes who keep us bridezillas happy - and sane  - through the planning process and are there to hold our hands and keep our make-up tear-free on the day. I think a lot of us brides would agree that there is nothing more special than the morning of your wedding with your girls with all the butterflies and giggles as you get ready. Weddings offer a great opportunity to spend loads of time with your girl friends and with this in mind I wanted to share a few ideas for fun things to do with your lovely ladies to show them just how much you love and appreciate them. Before the Big Day: Slumber Party How about a good old-fashioned sleepover complete with pyjamas, popcorn and pancakes in the morning? This is something that can scheduled in the lead up to your wedding so you can relax and reconnect with your girls old-school style. I just wouldn't recommend doing it the night before your wedding because just remember this process … [Continue]

Getting Married in Dubai: The Paperwork

Bride signing wedding certificate

Hello lovelies - When we think about lovely weddings we think about pretty flowers, romantic candlelit venues and princess dresses but it can be easy to forget the one thing we actually need to legally get married - the paperwork! Well that and a husband or wife but you know what I mean! Planning a wedding in Dubai from India when I wasn't officially a resident in India came with a whole bag of complicated questions as you can imagine. I like to think that I'm not alone in this so I thought I'd share my process for all the legalities to hopefully make your life easier. We got married at Christchurch Jebel Ali so my experience specifically relates to this however you can take it as it applies to you. Please also note this information was as it applied to me in December 2014 so hopefully it hasn't changed since too much then :) Step 1: Contact Christchurch Jebel Ali to make your initial enquiry - you can find the contact details here. We weren't too concerned about a specific … [Continue]

The Ultimate Hen Party Checklist


So on here we talk a lot about lovely weddings but we don't talk too much about the infamous hen do or bachelorette party. It's the last hurrah, a chance for every gal to go crazy with all her favourite girlies. I've been on a few "hen committees" in my time and if I say so myself they have been rather legendary. First things first, shout out goes out to all of my AMAZING Dubai girls who are the best party planners I have ever known – everything I know I learned from you :) If you are looking to organise a hen party I have put together a checklist with our secret formula for you to help plan the ultimate send off for your bride-to-be in Dubai. The absolute first piece of advice I will give you is make a “hen committee” of your closest girlfriends to help you out  - not only will this take a huge amount of pressure off for all the organization (this stuff can get stressful!) but you get to have fun “committee meetings” i.e. brainstorming ideas while lunching or getting … [Continue]

My Lovely Wedding Day in Dubai: The Details


Hello lovely readers - In my last blog I told you about My Lovely Wedding Day (which you can read here) and I promised I'd tell you all about the details of my wedding day in Dubai to help you plan yours sooooooo here I am to deliver. I've also included a few of my top tips at the end so hopefully they come in useful for you! If you do have any questions I am always happy to help so feel free to comment on this post or send a note through the blog :) P.S. All my vendors are Dubai-based with the exception of the bridemaid dresses which were ordered online. Here you go... The Dress: Little Mistress @ Debenhams  I wanted something simple and this was actually really hard to find in Dubai - it's either big princess ballgown or a beach coverup when it comes to looking for a white dress ! Anyone else had this? After scouring the whole of Dubai we found what we wanted in Debenhams in Mall of the Emirates where my Mum and I both fell in love with a pale pink goddess style dress. … [Continue]