Bridal Lifestyle: HIIT Workouts for the Busy Bride


Why hello there - Today I wanted to tell you guys about my favourite favourite favourite way to workout and hopefully provide some inspiration for those of you brides who are looking for fun ways to get active :) My Story Like most brides, after the feverish of excitement of getting engaged died down I started to think about how I wanted to look in my wedding dress. Yes I wanted to lose weight and get in shape but I also had some time so I wanted to make sure I did it in a healthy way. So I started to hit the gym but only problem is that I get bored very quickly and all of a sudden I was starting to dread 40 minutes on the treadmill. I also wasn't seeing results as soon as I would've liked which made me lose my bridal motivation. This is when I came across HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training as I scrolled through Facebook one day. For those who don't know HIIT - as far as I understand as full disclaimer I'm not a fitness professional - is a style of training where … [Continue]

Real Advice from Real Brides: My 7 Don’t Dos For Planning Your Perfect Day


Good morning lovely readers - I was just sitting here thinking about how lucky I am. I opened up my laptop to do some "work" this morning which basically meant typing "weddings" into Pintrest and do a little "research" over a cappuccino (yes I love air quotes how did you guess?) - ahh life is good my friends life is good. While I was doing my research (i.e. very hard work) I started to realize that most of the ideas and inspiration you find online are for what you can and should do while planning your wedding but very little to say what you should avoid. Okay I don't mean to be negative nancy here BUT hindsight is a wonderful thing and I feel like I learned SO much even planning just a small wedding in Dubai. There are so many pitfalls us brides find it easy to fall into so I thought why not put together my "must not dos" and hopefully you learn from my mistakes :) I must not... Forget the paperwork...seriously this is the only thing you actually need to be able to get … [Continue]

Farida & Mohammed’s Wedding @ Four Seasons Cairo, Egypt.

002 PORTRAIT (6) Pic

On the 3rd June, 2015 Farida and Mohammed got married at the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza, Egypt. Joined by 300 stylish guests they celebrated their big day in style. Come on, Four Seasons is a pretty stylish hotel so you wouldn't expect anything less right ;-) Guests were treated to an extensive 5-star open buffet and the chandeliers hung over the heads of the guests as they danced the night away. Oh and they have fireworks on the dance floor... amazing!! We talked to the beautiful bride Farida about the big day and all that went into creating it... How they met... The two families; the Mehanys and Talaats knew each other since we were little children. In 2006, Mohammed went on a business trip to Dubai where I lived and worked. He had his sister in Cairo get in touch with me and he and I went out a couple of times in Dubai and courted briefly when I was on holiday in Cairo a few months later in the same year. Then out of the blue in December 2013, and without … [Continue]

It’s my birthday and I’m 30!

Joelle and Nathan-045

Today I turn 30. Turning 30 is a hot topic for anyone who's 29 and just about to leave their 'late 20s'. I'm not sure why but it is. Maybe it's the next stage of adulthood? Maybe it means that you're a real grown up and by now you should probably have your sh*t together? My early 20s were a blur of student style dinners aka beans on toast, stressful university deadlines and failed relationships. I loved studying at University, but not so much the student club scene. I went to fashion school in Rochester, Kent. There isn't much to do there, and I'm not a fan of shots, cheap beer or bright green cocktails. But I thank my luck that I was focused enough to work my little butt off and get myself a 1st Class degree. It was one of the highlights of my early 20s, followed by moving to Dubai just over 6 years ago. I met Nathan just before my 25th Birthday. He's been a huge part of my growth, who I am and what I stand for. I can't imagine life without him. Today I am 30 and I'm … [Continue]

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too…Ideas for Your Wedding Cake


So the last two weeks have been a little crazy for me and I have finally finally forced myself to sit down with my laptop and do some proper wedding planning. Only problem is that I got hungry. And when I'm hungry I want cake. Mmm cake. So naturally I started searching for "cake inspiration" on Pintrest and I have to say I got pretty excited. As one does. Time and time again brides pay loads of money for the traditional wedding cake because "that's just what you do" and I have to say that this is one rule that I would really like to break. There are SO many other ideas that you can swap in place of the classic tiered wedding cake and still have your moment for the camera.  Some of you - like Joelle -  might not even like cake that much (cue gasp of horror) and would begrudge spending that amount of money on something that you're not even that excited about. So with this is mind and with the fact that at My Lovely Wedding we believe in making your wedding uniquely you, we had a … [Continue]

Victoria Hands knows how to get good eye brows…

Victoria Hands - Makeup Artist in Dubai

It wasn't until a few years ago that I realised how much I like my eyebrows.  Yes folks, eyebrows are important! That may sound strange but it wasn't until someone in a local Dubai salon hacked off my eye brows and made them so thin that my face looked weird, that I actually realised how much I need good brows. I think some of you should relate to a similar situation. Now I ask for 'tidy' only. lol. You get it ;-) So just because I can I asked my good friend Victoria to share this blog with you today. She's a pro and has years of experience in the makeup world. She's also a trained brow expert! (Yes, an expert and brow lover!) I work with both a microblading and machine method. Having trained with both Phibrows and Long Time Liner in Germany. The microblading often gives softer and more natural results but you will find having them done with the machine, they will often last a little longer. I also combine both techniques together. It really is down to personal … [Continue]

Planning Inspiration: Table Plans for Every Couple


Hello lovely readers! I'm back and this time it's official! Just yesterday I joined the lovely team on a regular basis so you're going to be hearing a lot more from me from now on - I'm so excited! So on that note I wanted to talk about something fun today. The seating plan for any wedding can be a very stressful part of the planning – we want to make sure our guests are sat with people we know they will have fun with but we also want to make sure people who don’t know each other mix and mingle. Not to mention the awkward cases of exes, divorced parents or people who don’t like each other. Ahhh it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. To take your mind off of that, I thought of some fun ways you can make this process more enjoyable by coming up with a creative theme for your table numbers. Not only does this show your personality as a couple but is also a talking point and ice breaker for the guests. So if you want to your creative juices flowing here are a few ideas … [Continue]

Introducing… Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ *Best coffee-table-novels ever*

Fairytale by Muby Astruc™ Bespoke coffee-table-novels™

Morning Lovelies, Today I'm very excited to introduce you to a lovely new vendor who makes fairy tales come to life. Muby Astruc was a journalist for 25 years and after getting married she expanded upon her love for story-telling. Not just any stories; but personal, emotional, tear-jerking stories about you, your life and, of course, your lovely wedding. I met Muby for coffee at Starbucks in Dubai Mall a few weeks ago, and we talked about life, babies (because I'm now a Mumma-to-be this is a new topic for me) and how she fell into her brilliant career as a story-teller. At first I was taken aback by the cost of creating a Fairytale, but once she explained the experience she brings, the time involved, the quality of the Fairytale and the over-all journey the bride experiences, my initial thoughts of 'wow that's expensive' were replaced with 'wow this is cool, I kinda want one for myself'. So what's it all about... At Fairytale by Muby Astruc™, we write and design … [Continue]

Personal Blog – 20 weeks & it’s wedding season!


Morning Lovelies, Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend? I thought I'd start the week off with a personal rambling as I didn't get a chance to give you a baby update last week. Work has been crazy and Amy has been off for personal reasons so my work load has kept me rather busy. Hence why the blog has been a little quiet :) Baby Bump The bump is growing. I'm now 20 and a half weeks and feeling huge. I met  a girl yesterday who is 39 weeks pregnant and literally about to pop at any moment and she said she felt the same. She felt huge but actually when she looks back at photos of her bump at 20 weeks it's not that big. I'll believe it when I see it! Last Sunday I had a scan which was sort of an extra bonus scan because my Mum was visiting. It felt so special having my Mum with me to see her litter granddaughter. This time we even saw her poke her tongue out and suck her thumb. It continues to blow my mind. How can my body know how to make a real human? It's mind … [Continue]

Lovely Little Apricot Favors…

DIY Apricot Jars - Perfect little wedding favors

Just before the summer Dubai wedding photographer; Maria Sundin had organised a short photography course and one of the attendees was Sanjay from Firenze Flora. The first part of the course was at my home office, followed by an afternoon shooting a real styled set up. I offered my help with decor and in return I picked up some hand photography skills. Unfortunately the others couldn't make it so it was just the three of us for an afternoon of photography and styling. I was also roped into playing dress up, and for one whole hour I got to wear my very own vintage wedding dress. (Those images will be shared next week.) One of the things I personally wanted to do at the shoot was capture the making of very simple wedding favors. I love DIY and crafting and do so much of it but hardly have time to blog about it any more. Like I said last week, that needs to change. I now have Amy to help me with the blog, which will hopefully free up some time to create fun DIY blogs like the old … [Continue]