My Spa review – The Address Downtown

The Address Downtown Spa

A week last Thursday I ditched work in return for a morning of pampering. I was invited to experience the new Red Flower Hammam Ritual treatment  at The Address Downtown. It was 90 minutes of pure bliss. I was also the first ever person to experience their new hair treatment, so I felt kinda privileged. I arrived at The Address Downtown and valet parked my car before making my way up to level 13 to the spa. Walking towards the reception I could hear my shoes squeaking, it was almost embarrassing. I've never noticed it before but the quietness was obvious. It was the first time in ages that it was blissfully quiet with a candle lit reception I instantly felt a wave of calmness over my body. I usually feel a bit guilty taking time off on a week day but it was Thursday so I forced myself to relax and work a half day. {The perks of being my own boss} Before I started my treatment I was asked to select my music which was awesome because I get really distracted by the classic … [Continue]

Craig George – My English Treasure

I really don’t know how to describe this video with any other word than ‘Romantic’. Shot with a not so steady hand, this super 8mm movie is only for the hopeless romantics. The vintage style movie makes me weak at the knees and just a little bit jealous that I don’t have one of my own. I want one. It may not be clearest video I’ve ever seen but it’s not meant to be either. It's different and I love it. Yesterday I featured one of Craig’s gorgeous weddings in the UK, and today I’m back to tell you a little bit more about this very talented man. Craig lives in Swansea, South Wales. He’s a husband, a father and has a kick ass beard. He’s great with a camera (that’s sort of an obvious) and he has a secret obsession with weddings and vintage cameras. (Also sort of obvious.) Craig is hoping to come to the UAE over the winter and would love the chance to photograph your wedding. If you like his style and would like to know more on pricing and packages please drop him an email at … [Continue]

Pretty English {Craig George Photography}

craig george wedding photographer dubai-2

Morning Lovelies, I hope you all had a smashing weekend? I didn't do anything too crazy to report, but I am happy to say that I have noticed a very slight temperature drop. Anyone feel the same? Roll on winter! Anyway, and onto today's blog...  My friend Craig George is no doubt one of my favorite photographers in the UK. I met him at my best friends wedding over two years ago and we've kept in touch since. I've kept a close his photography, and it's only true to say that I have so much admiration for this very talented man. Getting married in the UK has it's perks {The weather NOT being one of them} You're surrounded by greenery, historic buildings and natural beauty. The English Countryside is no doubt the perfect setting for a rustic vintage wedding. Everything seems so effortlessly chic doesn't it? Or perhaps I'm bias because I grew up in a village in Somerset; a county that will always be my favorite. Not only do I love the way he captures the surroundings with a edge of … [Continue]

The 19th Hole…

Golf Course 2

So folks, we’re finally starting the planning process for our wedding (yay!) and would you believe it, it’s my fiancé that’s leading the parade. Yes that’s right, the man. The first thing Patrick told me was that he wanted to get married on a golf course. He's currently the General Manager of a golf course and has been in love with the game since he was 11. My first reaction was “Hmm I’m not so sure this fits in with my vision of an elegant hoedown country wedding” but before I blurted this out, I had to remind myself that this was our wedding. Wait, it’s not all about me? To be honest, golf is more Patrick’s thing than my thing – although I have spent a lot of time in my life at golf courses and my best friend got married at one :) However since this is important to my other half I wanted to find a way to compromise. We've started by looking at a few golf courses on the east coast of the US where we want to get married and I have to say there are some pretty beautiful venues … [Continue]

A hint of mint – {Wedding Inspiration}

Mint green wedding inspiration

Mint green is slowly becoming my favourite colour. If you asked me 3 years ago what I thought of mint green I probably would of shrugged and said something like…. 'Mehh I don't know, whatever'. However, team it with gold, blush pink and a sprinkle of glitter and it becomes instantly more appealing. While I was browsing Pinterest for  inspiration for one of my November weddings I found myself swooning over some of the prettiest decorations I've seen in a while. Mint green cakes, and hand painted mason jars look wonderful against peachy tones and gold glittery accessories. My personal favourite from this collection of images is the table set with wood slices, a variety of pale pink and white flowers and just a touch of mint green to pull it all together. I think I'm in love.   Image credits.... Image 1; stylemepretty.comImage 2; Pinterest- Ballymagarvey Village Image 3; Image 4: Image 5; Image 6; Image 7; … [Continue]

Beautiful headwear by Camilla Carrington

Bridal Style

It's been a while since I featured bridal wear on the blog but this particular designer 'Camilla Carrington' came to my attention a few weeks ago. So pretty and contemporary, the ‘Entwined’ collection celebrates the inspirational essence of modern romance in uniquely handcrafted headwear. Each intertwined piece is fashioned to perfection and represents the ethereal quality of love. If you're not planning to wear a traditional veil with your wedding dress then I would suggest investing in something pretty for your hair. Camilla Carrington’s ‘Entwined’ collection is designed and crafted by her own hand in a rural setting within the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales. {For those of you who haven't been to Wales in the UK, you must. The Brecon Beacons is incredibly beautiful... if you like the outdoors. :) Camilla sources quality materials from respected suppliers. She ensures that each and every piece is finished and to an exceptional standard. With a variety of designs I … [Continue]

The Studio Dubai – A Burj Al Arab Wedding

The Studio Dubai

A while ago I introduced you to The Studio Dubai. In fact it was last year. It's funny how time literally flies by so quickly in Dubai. Anyway, I'm very happy to tell you that they are back on the blog with a few fancy pictures from a recent wedding they shot at the famous Burj Al Arab. It's fair to say that the girls over at The Studio have been keeping rather busy. The Studio Dubai is a professional photography and videography studio located in the picturesque Courtyard in the heart of the Art district of Al Quoz. They offer Dubai family photography, Dubai wedding photography and videography and corporate photography and videography. I told you they keep busy. So my new friend Jessica at The Studio sent me over some rather pretty photographs and details to match from the beautiful bride ​Alisa. Where you are both from? Chris is from England and I am from China. How you met you both meet? We both work with Jumeirah, but I am with the hotel side and Chris is with the … [Continue]

A beautiful Indian wedding in Geneva…


Happy Thursday lovely readers! I tried to post this blog before I left the house this morning but it just didn't happen. Fast forward 6 hours  and I'm finally back at my desk and ready to press 'publish'. Today's wedding video is blooming gorgeous. It's got a sort of rawness to it that I really like. It's not glitzy and glamorous, it organic and beautiful and edited perfectly. It was sent to me by my new friend Danilo at Arproductions Films in Italy a few weeks back and between now and then I must of watched it about 5 times. It's easy to see why it's so beautiful... An interracial and interfaith wedding, both ceremonies were suggestive and beautiful. The civil ceremony was during the morning at the city hall of Cologny and in the afternoon the bride transformed for the Indian ceremony.  It’s amazing how far culture can go outside of it’s home country. The bride looked stunning in traditional Indian attire. The bride and groom both work at the International Federation of Red … [Continue]


Lovely Styling - Coming soon

Trying to be a thirty bride doesn't come so easy for some. The idea of 'Do it yourself' is unfamiliar to a lot of brides in the UAE. However the idea of saving money, being thrifty and doing it yourself is something that excites me. In a few weeks I will be launching 'Lovely Styling'. It's going to be a platform to showcase the weddings I've styled and consulted on over the past year. It will display styled shoots and lots of pretty pictures. It will also include a breakdown of my services which until now I've not really explained properly. After working on this side of the wedding business for nearly a year now I've come to understand what brides really want, and this often comes down to the budget. Big budget over the top luxurious weddings just don't do it for me. Of course I love all types of weddings, the brides stories, the decor and all things wedding related... but through my experiences I've realised that I work better with a particular type of bride. I like to be … [Continue]

The Ultimate Style Statement…

Wedding dress blog by guest blogger leena.

It's that time again when I hand MLW over to one of my guest bloggers, and today Lovely Leena is back with a subject every bride will love! Draped to the tune of extreme elegance, swishing metallic satin silks in hundreds of subtle shades from pristine white to warm ivory………A dress constructed to personify the woman within with maximum play up of her beauty and charm. Perhaps the most important fashion statement she will ever make. The wedding dress of course, that must rival all those that came before it! Leaving the most lasting impression ever desired. The mystique, the drama, the tears of pain and pleasure that surround it are a tradition in itself. As with all fashion the wedding gown has evolved into a most versatile entity, in the variation in length, colour, textures, cuts and embellishment. Although the lure of the classic white or ivory dress in a long silhouette remains a hot favorite. Tradition never dates or goes out of fashion. And fashion trends have a way of … [Continue]