An idyllic beach view venue…summer weddings at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi


If you are a UAE dweller so you will be aware that temperatures are somewhat heating up here in the desert as they tend to do this time of year. Wedding season is slowly coming to an end (boo!) but we know that there are still couples who are planning their lovely wedding day and for you we have a little surprise that may just float your boat if you are on the hunt for a venue. The Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is really rather special and is one of the UAE's more high end wedding venues (hence why this is a great summer promotion) - perfect for a lot of our glamorous UAE couples who are looking for that something a little bit unique. I also have to say that my sister worked with the Park Hyatt for her wedding and she said they went above and beyond to carve out a day that was unforgettable to her and her now hubby. The Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is currently running a summer wedding promotion where you can get 20% discount on your summer wedding (between May 1st and September 30th). Any bride who … [Continue]

A modern venue with some very pretty flora…Elise and Julian’s lovely wedding in Melbourne {Blumenthal Photography}


I have a bit of a photography crush on Blumenthal Photography...every time one of their amazing weddings comes into our inboxes I can't help but swoon. Literally. So today we have a beautiful real wedding all the way from Melbourne. Elise and Julian got married on February 7th 2015 and got set up by their own parents would you believe? Something must have been right as you will be able to be see from the huge genuine smiles on these very gorgeous bride and groom's faces. You'll notice that a lot of my features on MLW are real weddings, what can I say there is something so very lovely about seeing a couple's special day come together after you know all the hard work that has gone into it. It truly makes it all worth it and it is my favourite thing to write about. Plus we can't let images as beautiful as this hiding in our laptops...they deserve to be seen! Anyway enough of me jabbering on, I'll let this perfect photography for speak for itself. We also had a chat with Elise, our … [Continue]

Hello little Adeline {Newborn Lifestyle Shoot}

{Welcome to the World} Baby Adeline - Liesl Cheney Photography - Low Res-52

Morning Lovelies, Today I'm sharing a collection of photos captured by my new friend Lisel. These were taken 3 weeks after Adeline was born and looking back I can't believe how tiny she was. Lisel and her family were in Dubai for a wedding and we connected on FB through a mutual friend. She lives in Perth with her husband and adorable baby girl Izzy. The first time I met Lisel was when she rocked up to my house with her camera on a Friday morning. Luckily for me she was super lovely and made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I was a little hesitant as I wasn't exactly feeling my best 3 weeks post C section. The best bit about this shoot was knowing that I'd have these images forever. It's not often you get the opportunity to have your photo taken by a professional, and especially when you've just brought a little human into the world. My mum was also staying with us so I asked Lisel to take a few of Adeline with her Granny Michelle. I think I heard an … [Continue]

Getting married in Dubai?

Joelle & Nathan Dubai wedding - Simon Charlton

So you just got engaged, you're high as a kite on love and you've already started a new Pinterest board called 'my wedding'. You've shared your news with all the family, text all your friends back home and after 24 hours you've announced your news on Facebook and changed your relationship status. Obviously you wait a full 24 hours because you don't want to look over excited about being the future Mrs X. This time in your relationship life is one of the best; the excitement of being a future wife, wearing a sparkly diamond ring and being able to search for wedding dresses online knowing that you can actually buy one… it's amazing! The dream is real my friend, the dream is real. So you're engaged and you've stumbled across my blog. Thank you so much for stoping by. It was this time 4 years ago that I was planning my own wedding and started my blog to help others plan their wedding too. Back then there wasn't much else online in Dubai but fast forward 4 years and the industry has … [Continue]

Mummy life: The first few weeks.

{Welcome to the World} Baby Adeline - Liesl Cheney Photography - Low Res-42

I've come to realise that the reason no one tells you about how hard the first few weeks of motherhood are is because they forget. They are so darn tired that they forget what happened yesterday, let alone the week before. The first few weeks are now a distant blur and the only difference between now and then is I can remember now because it's now. No one can warn you for the tiredness that comes after days, and then weeks of sleepless nights. At times I've felt so tired, I actually felt slightly delusional or like I'm about to throw up. Amy sent me this Buzzfeed article a few weeks back, it literally made me LOL. If you have nothing better to do on this sunny afternoon then I suggest you have a peek… it's funny. I'm going to be honest. I absolutely love being a mummy. I've wanted this for so long and I'm smitten with my daughter Adeline but it's hard. I feel bad for admitting it's hard. I feel like I'm failing for admitting that some days it's so hard that I would rather sit in my … [Continue]

Real Wedding: Kathryn & Tristan {Goldfish Photography and Video}


It's been a while since we've swooned over a lovely real wedding here on MLW and thankfully Goldfish Photography and Video are always on hand to give us our fill of gorgeousness. Quick shoutout to the lovely Claire who just given birth, we salute you and wish you all the happiness in the world with your new addition! Kathryn and Tristan (Now officially The Lowes!) got married at one of our favourite venues The Waldorf Astoria on the Palm Jumeirah on 30th October last year and worked with a lot of our regular vendors to make their big day happen. Let me hand you over to Kathryn to tell you the details starting with their very sweet engagement story...just wait till you read the part about handwritten notes... The proposal came out of the blue on August 21st 2014, after I came back from a visit home to England. Tristan thought it would be lovely to go to our favourite restaurant, Nobu for a ‘date night’ as I was back in Dubai. Before the dessert, Tristan got down on one knee and asked … [Continue]

Decor inspiration…keeping the kids entertained


Good morning lovelies -- So one thing I noticed while attending my cousin's wedding in Scotland was that attending a wedding with children can be super fun but comes with it's own set of challenges to say the least. My nephews are both under the age of three and my niece has just turned one. Of course they charmed absolutely everyone they came across but it also got me thinking about how you keep those little kiddos entertained for what can be a really, really long day for them (and their parents!). My cousin, the bride, had ensured there were little packages of bubbles at every kids' seat and I thought this was so cute and kept my nephew entertained  - and quiet - during all of the speeches. What a fab idea. So with this in mind, I got inspired to do some research for not only providing entertainment for the children attending your wedding but also how you can make it pretty. Because of course we love pretty things - and this is also another wonderful opportunity to add another … [Continue]

We’re back! A family holiday and a very Scottish wedding…


Hello lovelies! I missed you! So you're probably wondering where on earth we've been? So sorry for the radio silence and to leave you hanging there...I've been back in Scotland for a week visiting family and wait for it...attending a wedding! I really thought I was going to have more time to blog during my time there but the festivities kind of took over. So my bad! I have to say it was super special to have some family time back in my homeland - sometimes even I forget that I'm Scottish after 15 years of being an expat! I forgot how beautiful Scotland is. We also worked out it's the first time in five years that myself, my sisters and my cousins have all been back in Scotland together which was kind of amazing - made even more special by lots of cuddles and playtime with my nephews and my niece. It was a little chilly (especially compared to the 40 degree temps I left in Bangalore) so it was rather nice to wrap up warm and bust out the old jumpers and coats for a change … [Continue]

Nursery decor and a big baby bump…


Hello Lovelies, I'm back… well, at least for today I am. I have a window of 'free time' and I thought I'd finally share my maternity shoot with you. I know, I probably should of posted this a while ago but I've been busy being a Mummy. So far my new role as a Mummy has been amazing, but at times I've been an emotional reck and so exhausted I've lost days. I'll be blogging about my Mummy stuff later this week. (I have half a blog ready so far) So back in late February when I was 36 weeks pregnant, Maria Sundin and Monica (MHG Beauty) spent the afternoon with me and my then ginormous belly, for an afternoon of homemade soup, and some pregnancy posing. (FYI I made the soup) I'd been putting off a maternity shoot for ages as I was just too tired to organise it, and when you're feeling heavy and generally blahhhh the last thing you want is to have your photo taken, but luckily Monica is a makeup magician so she made me feel photo ready. Looking back I can't believe how round I … [Continue]

An under the sea proposal…announcing the winner of our competition with Goldfish Photography and Video


Happy Sunday lovelies! What better way to start the week than to celebrate with the announcement of the winner of our competition with Goldfish Photography and Video, this makes us happy. Firstly, we have to say thank you so much to all the lovely brides-to-be who shared their beautiful engagement stories with us - it has really been amazing reading them all and you have really brightened our inboxes :) Sadly there can only be one winner though and we are happy to announce our lovely reader Ronke Bello as the winner of an AED 2000 discount off one of the fabulous photography and video wedding packages from Goldfish - yay! Congratulations! We fell in love with Ronke's engagement story from under the sea...this one is sure to have you swooning by the end of it and we have to give a big applause to groom Dotun for pulling it all off - well done! Completely shocked and surprised 5 metres deep under water in the middle of the Indian Ocean near the shores of a beautiful Maldivian … [Continue]