Hello New Mumma – 5 Questions with Claire @ Goldfish Photography & Video

New Mummy blog - Claire at Goldfish Photography & Video

Hello Lovelies, I'm finally back in Dubai and have no travel plans for the foreseeable future. Wahoo! It's been a busy summer but the 'meet Adeline tour' had to come to end and I'm excited to get back into a regular routine, and with wedding season fast approaching I think one may be rather busy. Last weekend I landed in Dubai and the very next morning we had packers in to move us to our new home. I'll fill you in later but I've managed to get some computer time to finish off this blog for you today. {Believe me, it's harder than it looks with a baby and a to-do list the length of a A3 piece of paper} Anyway, I'm here today with the lovely new Mummy; Claire. Like me, she's a new mummy and works in the wedding industry. She's one of the many talents at Goldfish Photography & Video. How’s life as a new mum? Life as a new mum is....crazy, amazing, exhausting, testing, and most of all it is full of love and new experiences...becoming a mum has changed everything. I had a … [Continue]

Red and Beautiful – A blog by Monica at MHG Beauty.

Red hair beauty - Bridal Shoot in Dubai

Oh blimey are you in for a treat today. My wedding chums have teamed up to create a gorgeous styled shoot captured by Bernie & Bindi Photography. The red haired model looks effortlessly beautiful in a gown by Vanila Wedding Boutique and of course Monica has perfected the makeup and hair. oh and did I mention this shoot was just for us?? Booya!!! This is for all of you gorgeous redheads getting married, whether you were born a redhead or had it beautifully created by your hair colorist. As I have mentioned previously, I don't like to say that there are rules when it comes to make up, for me it's a form of art and an expression of who you are. There are obviously shades that look better on certain skin types and with certain hair colors, it's all about balance and determining what look you want to achieve that both suits your personality and compliments your dress and accessories in a harmonious way.   The Eyeshadow colors that by color theory are most complimentary … [Continue]

Hello New Mumma – 5 Questions with Mennat from Cloud 9 Weddings & Events.

Mennat & Dania

Hello you lovely lot of humans, I'm back today with a fun new Mummy interview with Mennat from Cloud 9 Weddings & Events. I did the same thing with Lilliam at E Walls last week, so there is probably no need for a long intro… apart from OMG how cute is baby Dania! We love her!!! Oh and Mennat you are looking amazing too! How’s life as a new mum? Life somehow seems to have more purpose. There is more reason to better myself to the fullest to be a good example to my daughter. Prioritising and time managing have taken on a whole new meaning. That being said, taking a step back and relaxing is even more rewarding- when it does happen. I value relationships with family and friends a lot more too! Having a baby has also added more value to creating successful wedding celebrations, and I can relate to the bride and groom’s parents on wedding day. How old is your baby? My baby is 15 weeks old and getting cuter by the day. Whats the best and hardest part about being a … [Continue]

Hello new Mumma – 5 Questions with Lilliam @ E Walls Studio.

E-Walls Baby

Morning folks, I hope you're having a lovely Thursday so far? I'm back today with a little blog about my friend Lilliam. She's truly an inspiration. She's the owner of E-Walls and is about to launch a brand new laser cut collection just for the wedding industry. (yipeee!) Think wood signs, table numbers and lots of creative accessories. (More on this coming soon) Anyway, like me she's also a new Mumma and working hard to manage both roles. It's hard, and the busier I get with work the harder it feels. So I thought I'd interview my wedding side kicks and share with you today. How’s life as a new mum? It's pretty intense, actually. I'm having to split my time between my two babies (doggies), E-Walls and baby Troy! It is definitely more challenging that I thought it would be since there are not enough time in the day to do all that needs to be done. How old is your baby? Troy is 3 and a half months. Whats the best and hardest part about being a new mum? The … [Continue]

Vintage Bloom have a new website!

VB new website

Ohhhh yes, this makes me happy. My friends at Vintage Bloom have a new look, and I absolutely love it. It's chic, sophisticated and stylish. The black and green is very different to the old branding, and I think it's definitely more there style. Having known the girls at Vintage Bloom for a few years, I can totally confirm that this change was a big step in the right direction. I love it. Sorry, I'm just a tad excited because I know how hard it was to get the website finished, and finally it's here for the world to see. Yipee! If you're on the hunt for a florist then please check out their website for inspiration. http://www.vintage-bloom.com/ If you're on a tight budget they might not be the right florist for you, but there is no harm in asking for a quote. I'm going to work on a blog to help you (the bride-to-be) source quotes and get answers when looking for a florist. I know many of you have trouble getting quotes based on pictures and sometimes you won't get a reply for … [Continue]

5 Questions with Paula Scalco {Dubai wedding photographer}


Hello Lovelies, Earlier this summer I posted a few fun blogs about some of lovely vendors, and today I'm back with one of my newest wedding chums; Paula Scalco. This Brazilian beauty is a happy go lucky young lady married to an Irish boy. She's been living in Dubai for the past 7 years and once upon a time she flew flew for a well known airline, as did many of my other lovely vendors. She's a lifestyle photographer with a passion for detail. She loves capturing love stories, turning real moments into tangible memories. Her style is soft, dreamy and romantic and I have a little feeling she's going to be getting rather popular this wedding season. Do you have any big plans for wedding season starting in October? Right now things are very exciting for me. I’ve been receiving lots of enquiries for venues and themes that I previously haven’t shot. A wedding in Burj Al Arab with a Persian theme had me grinning from ear to ear! What's been the highlight of the last 6 … [Continue]

Ummm Hello September.

Baby Adeline - nearly 5 and a half months

OMG where did you come from September? I literally blinked and realised baby Adeline will be 6 months old on the 9th September. O.M.G I can't believe the summer has flown by so quickly. I know many of you have probably escaped the heat and are now back into work mode and ready for a cooler few months in Dubai. I am so excited for some cooler weather. I miss walking outside. Sounds a bit nuts doesn't it (for anyone who doesn't live in the UAE it will sound totally nuts) Anyway, with the cooler weather comes wedding season!! Wahooo! Until now I wasn't even thinking about weddings, other than the ones I'm styling. But with brides-to-be getting married in only a few months, I must make a bigger effort to blog about our glorious wedding industry. The timing works out well as I'll be heading to the UK for just under 2 weeks on Saturday and introducing baby Adeline to the rest of my family. Then I'll be back mid September, with a few weeks to spare until we kick off wedding season. So … [Continue]

A desert pre wedding shoot & the perfect pooch. { LIZ JVR Photography}

Desert Shoot by JVR Photography in Dubai - Couple shoot with a dog

OK so most people know that I'm a dog lover. I have two pet pooches; Charlie & Ferguson, whom I love dearly. They are my first children, dog children that is. I'm fully aware they are not the same thing as my baby Adeline. That would make me a bit crazy, however... I love them crazy amounts. I'm the sort of person that will nearly always go 'awhhh' at any dog photo that pops up on my news feed on Facebook. Combine babies and puppies and it's game over. I'm not kidding. Then you combine LOVE and dogs and it's sort of the same thing, just more grown up. ;-) I know that looking at these too they love their dog Penny just as much as I love my dogs. And I'm posting this gorgeous pre-wedding shoot today because Liz knows how much I love dogs. A while ago I posted Lauren & Frazer's wedding on the blog, and even though it's a bit backwards I really wanted to post this too... because I love dogs. Obviously. ;-)  The desert really is the perfect backdrop for this family 3, and Lauren … [Continue]

Coming to terms with my new Mumma body.


I've decided to start this blog off with a dedication to all the mums who embrace their new post baby body shape, the ones who don't let it get them down, the ones who go out a few weeks later rocking a body con with the their extra lbs of baby weight on full display. I envy you and your confidence. While I was writing my previous blog post I realised how much this part (the part where I talk about my weight) really effects me day to day, and why it does. I feel I should share my thoughts on this subject as I do with so much else. After all I've been blogging for 4 years now so it only feels natural to let it all out. From a very young age I have been body conscious. I've always been an average size of a UK 10, sometimes 12 depending on the store, and give or a take a few kgs depending on the time in my life. I'm about 5ft10 so I can get away with a few extra lbs and if I wear the right clothes no one would even notice, apart from myself. Or so i've been told. I generally … [Continue]

Blooming lovely Bouquets…

Bridal bouquet for a Dubai wedding - Photography by Dubai wedding photographer; Bernie & Bindi

Oh so you like flowers do you? Hmm yes I do. OK lets do a blog about flowers only. OK lets do that. Oh and if you think I pulled this images from Pinterest, you're wrong. These floral creations were all produced by UAE wedding florists, which makes me feel rather smug because I get to use them. They were also captured by the same photographer too. Scroll down for details… Boom.. that's how it's done. Oh and I should probably mention that every single photo in this blog post was captured by my favourite photography duo; Bernie & Bindi Photography. If you like 'love', and I'm sure you do because you're probably a loved up engaged bride-to-be, you'll love Bernie & Bindi. They are recently married, and are not only the cutest couple ever… (like seriously, Bernie is a besotted with his new wifey) they make a fantastic photography team too. I love them, and so should you. #Justsaying. If you're looking for a florist for your UAE wedding then check out my vendor … [Continue]