5 Reasons why I love MyList.ae ♥

Here are 5 reasons why I love Mylist.ae, and If you’re getting married then you really do need a wedding registry ♥ It’s just so much fun!
1. Making the wish list..
Online shopping is so much fun, it’s virtual reality shopping and you’re not spending any money. It’s like making your own wish list, with the possibility that your wishes will come true.
2. Mylist is based in Dubai…
It’s another fab company from based in Dubai and created by 2 very smart women, Julie & Maurine. I love meeting other women who have started there own business because you can see immediatly that they are so passionate about what they do.
3. It’s user friendly…
The website is so easy to use, and according to my friends and family who used it to buy our wedding gifts, it was a very quick and simple process.
4. The personal touches…
It’s very exciting when you get an email informing of you of your latest gift, and you also get to see a personal message from each person. It’s such a nice added touch.
5. Going shopping…
Going shopping for the gift items is the best bit. Nathan and I spent about an hour in Tavola and we had a sales person by our side picking out our gifts. The good thing is, we got to swap a few items and increase the quanity of things we really liked. We ended up getting lots of gorgeous new items for our kitchen. We wanted things that would last forever, such as a kitchen aid mixer and Le Creuset pots. It’s all very grown up 😉
P.S Julie also gave me a very cute print out of all of our messages that our guests wrote while purchasing our gifts. It nearly made me cry in the middle of More cafe. Awhhh!
Check out Mylist … www.mylist.ae – I promise you will love it!! ♥


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