A Bold Bridal Statement for 2014!

Guest blogger ‘Lovely Leena’ is back today with something bright and beautiful. If you like scarfs, you’re gonna love this ūüôā

As we cruise through 2014, traditional values on bridal styling and wedding gifts are evolving in a some what retro mode.  Brand new winners like the classic black dress are coming into place. Many brides are opting not only for the conventional elegance of a long ivory frothy organza or sleek silhouette, but also taking on newer more avant-garde trends. Expressing their personalities more and not shying away from more daring choices. This cycle of fashion no doubt drawing inspiration from the Jackie O look  and her unique style sophistication. The trend making accessory, the silk scarf!

Lovely Leena - Guest Blogger - MLW


Smooth, sublime and the basis of infinitely versatile fashion focus right now. The scarf is a multifunctional glamour accessory that has the found its way on the bridal shopping list! Wrap it, sash it or weave it through your hair for maximum impact, on your wedding day or on your honeymoon list. Its a winner this season and all those to come. Incorporate into your décor, wear it like a corsage, from table definition to soaring lengths above casting a magical spell. Designer Mina Siddique understands the importance of this budding trend, and her digitally printed silk scarves with their original concepts are a current sought after accessory. Right up there in the must have line up. Exuding a plethora of emotions, passion, exuberance, arresting attention with their unusal appeal. Give your wedding a slightly more imaginative twist! Order from Mina Sidique by logging onto her website: www.minasiddique.com or email: mina.siddique@gmail.com for pretty bridesmaids gifts or frame them as works of art to be admired for a lifetime. 

Lovely Leena - Guest Blogger - MLW

Massive thanks to the lovely Leena for another beautiful piece of writing. 

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