A little makeover by Monica ♥

A few weeks back I spent a Thursday afternoon with my new friend Monica. I met Monica along the marina, while walking Charlie, my pet pooch. It wasn’t until out second or third meeting that I discovered Monica was a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. Oh course I immediately told her about MLW, and the possibilities of us working together. She offered to do my makeup so I could honestly tell you all what I really thought. Well, quite frankly she was awesome. I requested natural colours, with black eye liner and a light pink lip. I also asked for a french braid, well just because I can’t do them and I always liked the idea of looking effortlessly pretty.
Over the space of an hour and a half she transformed my uncombed locks into a lovely up-do, which felt amazing teamed with my perfectly subtle makeup application.
Monica owns a salon in Mexico, and has only recently moved to Dubai. It’s a different world, but with my help I think she’ll be just fine. Now that I’ve ‘tried & tested’ her services, I can happily say that I would recommend her to all of my lovely brides.
If you would like more information and prices, please contact Monica at monicahg@outlook.com
Happy Thursday everyone…

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