A lovely evening with bride-to-be Kara…

Last week I had a lovely evening with fabulous Bride-to-be Kara. I met Kara through my good friend Clare, actually it was only the 2nd time we had met. So they both came over to my place for a glass of grape and a slice of pizza, oh and some wedding advice.  I want to let  you know that she is getting married in just 6 months. It’s amazing and I admire her for planning a wedding in only that amount of time. What I really love about this couple is the fact that they will marry on their one year anniversary. It’s like the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.. EVER!
So back to my new bride-to-be Kara; she’s a bubbly Australian beauty who got engaged to John from the UK. They both met in Dubai and have since then been totally loved up. I could tell by the way Kara was talking that they are both just so excited to be a family, to be husband and wife and live happily ever after. It’s truly romantic.♥
The next step…
At the moment Kara & John are at that stage when they have to set a date and find a venue. I can relate to Kara’s panic towards finding a venue because in Dubai there are so many that it’s actually a little overwhelming. Also, if you’ve had an idea of what you’ve always wanted… for example, old wooden tables, and open fields, exposed brick wall and a rustic yet very beautiful backdrop, you get the idea.(see below for some beautiful images) It’s almost impossible to think of anything different. Then the logistics set in, your guest list grows and you realize that the best place to wed is actually where you live, and for Kara and John that’s here in Dubai. Although Australia is still on the cards for now until they find the perfect venue.

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I’ll be helping Kara go through options, look at venues and make the impossible… possible. I’m lucky I’ve had the experience of visiting nearly every wedding venue in Dubai so my knowledge is pretty good. It also got me thinking, if you are without your mum or your maid of honor and maybe in need a little advise, please don’t hesitate to drop me a email. I’m always happy to help, guide or discus ideas for all you lovely future brides.
For now I’m going to sign off.. back later
P.S Girls night in with a glass of grape, NKD pizza, cupcakes  and lots of wedding chat is actually amazing… you need to try it!

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