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A modern venue with some very pretty flora… Elise and Julian's lovely wedding in Melbourne {Blumenthal Photography}

I have a bit of a photography crush on Blumenthal Photography… every time one of their amazing weddings comes into our inboxes I can’t help but swoon. Literally. So today we have a beautiful real wedding all the way from Melbourne. Elise and Julian got married on February 7th 2015 and got set up by their own parents would you believe? Something must have been right as you will be able to be see from the huge genuine smiles on these very gorgeous bride and groom’s faces.
You’ll notice that a lot of my features on MLW are real weddings, what can I say there is something so very lovely about seeing a couple’s special day come together after you know all the hard work that has gone into it. It truly makes it all worth it and it is my favourite thing to write about. Plus we can’t let images as beautiful as this hiding in our laptops…they deserve to be seen! Anyway enough of me jabbering on, I’ll let this perfect photography for speak for itself. We also had a chat with Elise, our lovely bridey today to tell us more…

How did you two meet?

Could you believe that our parents set us up and it actually worked? My dad worked with Julian’s dad and they just got talking about us one day, and of course my father being the old school European guy that he is just had to tell me about his work partners amazing son who was handsome, kind, successful… I finally decide to meet Julian and I couldn’t believe how lucky I had gotten! My dad was right, and the rest was history I suppose.
The Proposal

Julian knows me so well that the proposal was just amazing. He took me to my favorite restaurant in Melbourne – Vu de Monde. It’s such an exclusive and luxurious restaurant it’s truly special every time we go there. This time however, Julian got us a balcony table. It was amazing overlooking the whole skyline of Melbourne City and the night sky. Once the deserts were brought out, I remember being completely fascinated by a smoking rose flowered dish when all of a sudden I looked up (or rather down) and Julian was kneeling down on one knee! It was the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G experience of my life!
How did you know your venue was the one?

To me, Carousel is simply the most impressive venue in Melbourne. The idea of being in the heart of Melbourne was really important to me when choosing my venue and the extraordinary view of Albert Park Lake just sealed the deal. I also wanted décor that was quite simple and understated so I could decorate it in any way I wanted to and Carousel was really just the best option for this.
We wanted something quite traditional but still a little bit edgy! Another reason why we chose Carousel. There’s a bit of a modern Bel Air type feeling and inside it’s just so slick with its all white theme and finishes. We kept our colour theme quite neutral with lots of whites but we contrasted this against lots of green flora to make it a little more modern.

The wedding day was sensational and it was everything that I wanted it to be. It was glamorous, elegant and just the perfect representation of us.

What advice would you give to brides and grooms planning their day?
Honestly, get a wedding planner. Even if your budget isn’t huge go for a small package or get a few consultations. They make such a difference! It’s not just your wedding day that’s meant to be a long lasting enjoyable memory but the planning should be as well so it’s no use doing it all by yourself and stressing over silly little things. They also have professional relationships with so many vendors so they will also end up saving you some costs.
What was your favourite part of the day?
Would definitely have to be getting down on the dancefloor at the end of the day! It was so much fun being able to really unwind and have all of our closest friends and families there. I think I saw some of the funniest dance moves I’ve ever witnessed that night.

Lovely Vendors… 
Photography : Blumenthal Photography
Ceremony : St Ignatius Church Richmond
Reception : Carousel

Stationary : Adorn Invitations 
Dress : Steven Khalil
Makeup : Christine Gaurt
Cake : Abfab
Flowers : Fleur
Wedding Planner : Where the Grass is Green
Wedding Video : C2 Video
Car Hire : Affinity Limousine 
Photobooth : In The Booth
DJ : Top Dog Entertainment

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