A personal blog because it's Thursday.

First of all I want to say a massive thank you to Amy for literally making my life that little bit easier. I’ve been non stop for weeks now and at 6 months pregnant one would think it’s time to slow down? Hmm… maybe not. This weekend I have not one, but two weddings followed by 3 more events before my family arrive for the holidays on the 22nd December. Is it weird that even though I’m exhausted, busy and rushing around like a headless chicken (a phrase my mum uses a lot) I’m totally in my element.
The weekend before last I styled a wedding at Desert Palm which has to be one of my favourites of all time. Using long wood tables and clear ghost chairs, it was an elegant set up with lots of rustic touches. Firenze Flora and Party Social contributed to the day, and together we ‘wowed’ the bride and exceeded all expectations. It’s an amazing feeling when that happens. #lovemyjob
My new photographer friend Nabeela came down to take a few shots of us setting up, and next week I’ll be posting a more detailed about blog about the wedding day decor.

Last Friday I styled Sarah & Nadeem’s wedding. Living in Saudi and it technically being a ‘destination wedding’ was sometimes hard but we made it work, and with the groom Nadeem being so into detail we got to plan the wedding as a team of 3. (I think I made friends for life too) The end result was amazing and I have to give a huge shout out to Teddy Sassine at Fushia Events for lighting the venue in such a magical way. A canopy of fairy lights filled the Amphitheatre at One and Only Royal Mirage, and believe it or not it’s the first time it’s ever been done. I have a feeling it will become a popular lighting option for future weddings there.( FYI my iphone photos really don’t do it justice)

So finally it’s December so I can officially starting talking about Christmas. No one knows how much I love Christmas than the lovely Amy. I am obsessed. I started my Christmas shopping in the summer and have been slowing buying gifts for my family every other week. I put up my tree on the 26th November and have finally finished decorating my staircase with green garlands and fairy lights. It may be a bit other the top, but who cares… it’s Christmas!!! Talking of Christmas, I also had the pleasure of installing Christmas decor at Arabian Ranches Golf Club on Monday. Instead of going for the usually large tree, we created a cluster of trees featuring a nutcracker drummer as the show stopper. It’s nearly 5th tall and very dashing. I’m going to go back and take some proper pictures over the weekend but for now my iPhone picture will have to do.
I’m now about to dash off for a meeting and have a few errands to run before my busy weekend of weddings. I’ll be back next week with a pregnancy update too. Nothing much to report but I would like to rant about how much I hate heartburn and how maternity fashion sucks.
Until next time my lovelies…

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