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Meet Laura & Morgan, this gorgeous couple got engaged earlier this year and I’m super excited to feature their very awesome engagement shoot. I’ll be following Laura and Morgan as they plan their wedding in Estonia.
Over to the bride-to-be…

How long have you been together and where did you meet?
We just celebrated our 3 year anniversary this month. I am from Estonia and he is from Sweden. We met in Estonia in a nightclub. I actually love this story. He came up to me to talk and I wasn’t interested at that time. We chatted and I left and that was it. 7 months later he happened to be in Estonia again and we happened to be in the same nightclub again. He came up to me again to talk but didn’t remember we had met… I obviously did. His face was priceless when after his hello and introduction I got to say… yeah I know. We have met! We had a great laugh about it and exchanged contacts after that.
When & how did Morgan propose?
He proposed on a Sunday morning in February. As I woke up in the morning he was kneeling next to the bed with our dog Mate sitting beside him waiting for me. The ring was right in front of my eyes as I opened them. It was so very sweet. My brain couldn’t cope with it since it was still half asleep so it took me quite a few minutes to grasp what was going on 🙂
How long have you been in Dubai?
We have lived in Dubai since the beginning of this year.
Will you get married here?
We will not be getting married here. Mainly as we don’t feel much of a connection with Dubai. Also as we would like to have all the amazing family and friends with us that day I would not want to take the risk that some of them cant travel so far. We will most probably get married in Estonia.
What’s the best thing about being engaged?
The best thing for me is made up from the little things- like getting to call each other fiancé, telling each other I cant wait to marry you, knowing you have found the person you would go to the end of the world with and that he feels the same way. And I must admit I do thoroughly enjoy staring at my black diamond ring as well 🙂

Big thanks to Laura for sharing her proposal story and Sandra Palm Photography for sharing these amazing photos.

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