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Beauty from Within: Essentially UAE Detox with Monica, MHG Beauty

So we are talking about one of my favourite things today – why food of course! The fabulous Monica from MHG Beauty talks to us about her experience with Essentially UAE and the importance of looking after ourselves from the inside out. As brides we obviously want to be our most radiant selves on our big day so what better way to prepare than to help our bodies feel fresh and invigorated with a detox. I’ll hand you over to Monica to tell us more…
Hello beauty lovers. Today I come back to you with a different kind of blog. If you have ever taken a makeup class with me, you know I always begin by explaining and emphasizing the importance of healthy eating. You might be wondering why a makeup artist is writing a food blog, well I am here to remind you that “you really are what you eat”. Everything you put into your body reflects not only on how you look, but how you feel, the energy you have, how you sleep, your stress levels and it obviously reflects on your skin and hair. You can buy the most expensive skin and hair care, but you will never get the results you are looking for if your body is not well taken care of. This is what I call beauty from within.
Two weeks ago my husband and I decided we really needed to change our eating habits and start eating healthy again. I had been following the company Essentially on Instagram for a while, because I love everything natural, organic, with no additives and I know their food is real. When I saw they had a Raw, Vegan, Gluten free food detox, I knew this was just what we needed. We decided to go for their 5 day detox plan.

Not only is their food surprisingly good, but they have amazing customer service. Every morning you get your meals for the whole day. They include your menu for the day with all the ingredients for each of the meals which for me is so important because then I know exactly what I am eating. By the second day, I was able to workout perfectly, I was going to bed at 11 pm at the latest and having a really good night sleep waking up super energized at 6 am. Imagine how good we felt that on day 4 we decided to go for 5 more days.
It would take me a very long time to explain how each of your organs gets benefited from this. On day 3 I didn’t feel bloated any more, my skin started to feel soft, my hair wasn’t falling out as much and even my eyes looked brighter. Everyone should do this at least once a year. I think you, brides to be, would benefit so much from doing either the one or two week program right before your wedding. You won’t believe how great you will feel by the end of the detox.
I love food, so I am not going to say it was very easy, but neither my husband nor I ever felt hungry and we never felt like something was missing in our diet. Essentially does such an amazing job at balancing their meals and their Chef makes amazing food, our favorite was their “taco salad”. All of their salad dressings are delicious and don’t get me started on their juices, I don’t think I could choose a favorite.

I think life is all about balance, but I am convinced we all need to cleanse our bodies once in a while to remove toxins so we can prevent diseases and live a healthy life.
Treat your body. Give your body a break, after all, only you can take care of it and like a car needs clean, good quality gas to work right, your body and brain need quality foods to properly function.
I couldn’t agree more! A huge thank you to Monica for taking the time to write about her experience and for inspiring us! We love you!
Back tomorrow,