Bridal Pampering To Your Tippy Toes!

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I hope you’ve all had a lovely day? I’ve been on the road today, and only just returned. I left the house at 9.30 and it’s now 5pm.. so forgive the delay in this post.
Today’s blog is by my lovely guest blogger Leena @ The Creative Workshop. I think it’s something lovely to read on a Sunday afternoon…
Tradition and tranquility rule when it comes to succumbing wholeheartedly to pre wedding pampering bliss! Be spoiled with aromatic oils, cool jasmine scented linens to soothe those stress laden pressure points:) Be indulgent and give into¬† spending a whole day surrendering to the unrivalled sensation of a hot stone massage…….almost a slice of heaven:)
The Purple Sanctuary
Feel like royalty, be the ultimate pampered princess before you slide into that exquisite creation of frothy white tulle and silk. Fitting in a waterfall of chic sophistication, thanks to the detox warm water spiked with lemon slices that you have been sipping through out your day of bridal beauty dalliance:) All so easy, accessible and planned for you by The Purple Sanctuary Spa in Jumerah. Owner Zehra Karim has perfected the art of putting together a whole range of wonderful options for the bride and her gal pals, to prepare for those special events linked to weddings and engagements.
The Purple Sanctuary
With its exotic Thai inspired ambience, The Purple Sanctuary provides a luxury filled oasis in bustling Jumerah! If its a bridal shower complete with girlie bonding time, a sinful list of calorielicious treats, spa treatments along with snazzy tips and toes, natural make up, hair teased into cascading rolls or twisted up in a glamorous knot…….its all possible with lots of laughter and fun to make it all the more memorable:) To start creating these memories check out their facebook page;
Written by Leena Khaliq Afridi @ The Creative Workshop

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