Bride vs Vendor

Having spent the last few months getting to know my readers, my brides, and my vendors all that much better. I’ve come to realise that every story has two sides. Let me explain…
If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re organising your wedding, you start with contacting venues? Most likely your big day isn’t for another 6 months to a year. You don’t get an instant reply, which might make you feel unwanted, and unimportant. One the other hand, the event coordinator who received your email has a bunch of other brides, plus corporate clients emailing about events which are happening next week. You are important, you’re just in a queue. After hearing from quite a few brides about the hassle of venue hunting, and nailing down appointments… I urge you not to take it personally.
If you’re a bride who has booked a vendor, and suddenly looses contact in the weeks running up to your wedding, why not drop them a quick call to say hi. Most likely they are rushed of their feet, and have probably missed your email. No excuse but from experience the wedding season can be rather busy. I’m experiencing it myself, and I find that even replying to emails after a long day of errands is hard to keep on top of.
So with that rambling done, I thought I’d put together a few tips for the bride-to-be, and the vendor.
1. Communicate – I can’t stress this enough. Communicating is everything!
2. Be honest and open with each other. Most brides will work with vendors they like, (I know I did). If you’re a vendor and you do meet a bride who seems to really like you, and then she doesn’t book you.. don’t take it personally. There are lots of lovely brides and vendors out there, but we can’t win them all 😉
3. Meet your bride/ vendor in person. Vendors – if a bride is emailing for prices, then suggest coffee or a chat on the phone… remember to keep it personal. This bride/potential client is emailing you for her wedding day, not a corporate event!
4. Be nice… there is nothing worse than a bride (or a vendor) with an attitude. I know all my vendors on MLW, so I know they are nice… really nice. An extra smile goes a long way. (yes, I use 🙂 faces in my emails a lot. I can’t help it.. I just think it makes it more friendly)
5. Feedback! Brides – If you love or hate your vendors, give them feedback. It will be much appreciated, and if they didn’t ‘wow’ you as much as you expected, tell them why! Testimonials are a great way to find vendors, and avoid vendors! The best emails I get start with… ‘Hi Joelle, I just wanted to say I love your blog’. It literally makes me jump for joy, and I feel like I’m doing my job properly.
I hope that made sense, or even helped a little bit? I’ve had this on my mind for a while, and I thought I’d just type it down today.
If you do have good things to say about MLW vendors I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at joelle@mylovelywedding.com and if I don’t reply immediately I promise I will soon. I’m just really busy. 🙂
Back later with a gorgeous engagement feature by  event planners Dot the i’s…

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