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Hello Lovelies!
How are you all? I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in about two weeks, it’s been pretty full on with work and to top it all off my little Adeline is enjoying bed time like she should. Anyway, I finally have some admin time and I’m so happy to post this blog for you today. The lovely Monica at MHG Beauty has put this together and I love how personal it is. I also love bridesmaids… obviously because I love weddings.
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Makeup and Hair looks should not only look beautiful in life, but they should look flawless in your professional pictures. As I have mentioned before, there should be balance in harmony in everything that completes the look, from head to toe. Once you have your look down, it’s time to think mother of bride/groom, sisters, maid of honor and or bridesmaids. In the same way the dress color and style they are wearing for your wedding is taken into consideration, the makeup and hair style should be too.
I think everyone’s personality should be come through; you want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and beautiful. I recommend talking to your makeup artist and hairstylist and letting them know what color their dresses will be and ask for suggestions on looks that can be tailored for each bridesmaid that at the same time will have certain harmony when standing next to each other. This is very important especially for the professional pictures that will be taken with you and your bridesmaids.
I recently had the honor of doing makeup and hair for Marlene, a very special bride.  The day I met her for her wedding trial, we created her look and then we started creating her maid of honor’s and bridesmaid’s looks. Amazing Angelique Turner did hair for the bridesmaids and maid f honor on that day. All the girls were wearing a lovely messy ponytail, each with the hair parting that best suited them. As for their makeup, we went with sun-kissed skin and a light smokey-eye, each with a different eyeshadow shade that made there beautiful eyes stand out. Soft lips, some matte others glossy, natural filled eyebrows and a few extra lashes and lots of mascara.
MHG Beauty Dubai
Get ready for you and your girls to be picture perfect ready!
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