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On the 15th December 2011, Nathan proposed to me. He proposed to me with a diamond ring (while we were sat in his car, stationery of course) However, his words to me after I received the ring were, ‘your ring is being made so you can wear this one for now’. I remember feeling a little shocked and excited, it was an amazing but bazaar feeling.
A few hours later, after I made about 20 phone calls home, and finally came back down from cloud 9, Nathan took me to Calash. Calash is a jewelry store in the gold and diamond park, and run by two Sri Lankan guys called Rishi and Safri. As I sat down at the glass cabinet with an array of shimmering diamond rings beneath my arm, I got rather excited thinking that one of these could be mine! It was funny because the guys were all expecting me. Safri took my finger measurement, and then pulled out the diamond Nathan had reserved. I blushed as I was very overwhelmed, and couldn’t quite believe that this diamond was going in my very own ring. Yikes, I had the butterflies bad. It was awesome.
Two weeks later after we returned from our Christmas vacation to Canada. (I had to wear the ‘on loan’ ring for 2 whole weeks, so you can imagine my excitement the day we got back.) we went back to Calash and Safri took Nathan and I to the workshop to watch the magic happen. With my very own eyes I witnessed my diamond being place in the center of the ring. Again, I had massive butterflies. Nearly 10 months on and I still gaze at it and smile. It’s perfect and I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world. ♥
Ok so enough with my story… and more about Calash. 

A few facts you need to know…
* Calash see’s around 15-20 guys a week, all of whom want to purchase (or custom make) that one and only engagement ring. (Ladies who are not yet engaged, this is what your future husband must know…) 
* Calash can design and make pretty much anything you want. (Girls- no harm letting your man know exactly what you want 😉 I think it will make it a little easier for them in the long run)
* You can watch your ring being made. (now that’s what I call personal)
Where… Calash are located in building 4, shop No. R. -61 @ The Gold & Diamond Park.
Opening times… Weekdays: 10am – 10pm week &  Friday: 3pm – 10pm
Contact details… Tel: 04 323 4950

Big thanks to the guys at Calash.
P.S This is my ring… just in case you’re interested 🙂 
*All photos by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding*

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