Catching up with Innovative Hiring – (Furniture rentals for your Dubai wedding)

Just before the holidays I try and catch up with my vendors before we all escape the Dubai heat wave aka summer! I asked my vendors a few questions which I thought might be interesting for brides-to-be getting married next season. So first up is Paul at Innovative Hiring…
What’s been the highlight of the year so far? 
March was the busiest month in IHD history far exceeding our expectations.
Do you have any big plans for the next wedding season? 
We are increasing our Wedding chair inventory to cater for LARGE weddings, Tiffany over 1,000 units, Bordeaux range heavily increasing and taking on a third warehouse and 3 extra vehicles.
What will you be doing this summer? 
This year we will be working right through as we have a large purchasing plan throughout summer.
Do you have any advice for a newly engaged bride-to-be?
Shop around, but remember in the UAE, you get what you pay for.
OMG Innovative Hiring is going BIG. It’s ao awesome, and I’m so excited for Paul and his team. They are one of my favourite vendors to work with and it’s so true, shop around for your suppliers and don’t always go for the cheapest… remember you get what you pay for. Wise words Paul 😉
If you’re looking for furniture rentals for your Dubai wedding check out their website here: http://www.innovativehiring.ae

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