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Oh how lucky are you lot today… the lovely Shari over at Beljour Bridal has put together some fabulous bridal tips for you with pretty pictures to match! So if you’re a bride-to-be and haven’t yet got your dream dress… I suggest you read on…
Shari - Owner of Beljour Bridal
{The lovely Shari – owner of Beljour Bridal}
Do allow your fabrics to be out of the ordinary.  Contemplate fabrics that will allow you to not only feel romantic and feminine but also sexy and sultry all at the same time.  Chantilly lace for example, a fabric best known for its fine and abundant detail, is typically worn at indoor venues, but picture the same fabric in outdoor contexts.  Its softness and lightness of weight will allow you to achieve a unique look that is becoming of you whilst still achieving that modesty you wanted.  With the abundance of options available, use your imagination and believe.

Do enhance your vintage gown and make it your own.  It is worthwhile considering the importance of achieving a dress that not only echoes of the past but one which resonates of your era too.  Be inspired and create your own look, while saving the significant artwork.  You want to modify the dress in a way that accentuates your silhouette, enhances details, mixes textures or adds craftwork etc.  Have patience and be of open mind.  You will achieve the perfect look without losing the authenticity of your dress.  Your dress will once more stand the test of time.
chantilly at the beach - beljour styled shoot 7
Don’t rule out the use of colour.  Originally, brides from wealthy families wore very rich and colourful fabrics at wedding ceremonies to highlight their nobility and social class.  Today things are a little more toned down, but that is not to say we should rule colour out entirely.  Every wedding couple has a beautiful story to tell and colour can only emphasise this unity of culture, family and tradition.  Colour doesn’t have to encompass an entire full gown, but perhaps a hint or a flash to translate a gown into a narrative with a happy ever ending.

Do trust the designers, they are the experts.  A qualified and experienced designer is one of the most important elements in the dress making process.  Even if you are budget conscience, deliberate on costs that you might incur after sometime goes wrong, you can’t afford mistakes.  Designers have a thorough understanding of the complexity of bridal dresses.  Three things you should enquire on includes their fabric knowledge and proven record for high quality finishing.  Pattern knowledge which ensures a stylish, flattering and modern look.  Crafting technique, for more intricate details of embroidery to fine art of lace and needle work.  Trust them, the results will always be better than you could have imagined.
chantilly at the beach - beljour styled shoot 5
Don’t forget, time is your best friend.  Designing your own wedding dress should be the most fun and exciting adventure you experience during planning.  To ease the process start earlier rather than later so you avoid any hasty decisions being made. Try on dresses in different boutiques.  Think about the shape, fabric and weight of the dress.  Take these ideas (with photographs) to the designer and let the process start.  Remember, remain open minded to their suggestions.  What you think works, may not be achievable.  The benefit of starting early is that you have time to think over suggestions and make changes as you see fit.

Creative Director at Beljour | Shari Watts encourages you to stand out on the big day.
Editor – Words by Sharon Mcglinchey
Images : Chantilly at the beach | Styled Shoot
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