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DIY ‘A 5 piece flower arrangement' ♥

Hello my lovelies…
Boy do I have a treat for you today – my very first ‘DIY crafty idea’ and if I do say so myself it’s quite a pretty one. I’m making these for my hen party and had a little tester with some bottles I’ve been keeping. I’ve started to collect old jam jars and glass bottles for my own wedding. I may or may not use them but at least I’m being a bit eco-friendly by keeping them right?
So here we go folks… ♥
What you’ll need

  • Scissors
  • Medium size glass bottles
  • Glue stick
  • 1 inch thick lace or you could use ribbon of any colour cut to 10inches length per bottle
  • Fresh flowers (I bought my flowers from a local florist for only AED30

Step 1
Make sure your bottles are clean and dry, they need to be dry or the glue wont’ stick

Step 2
Measure your lace or ribbon to the correct length, I used about 10 inches per bottle.

Step 3
Wrap the lace around the top and cross over coming onto the other side.
Then glue both ends together and ensure it’s tightly stuck together.
Step 4
Do the same to all of your bottles, I used 5 today which look lovely either in a line or in a cluster.

Step 5
Trim the flower stems and cut to the correct length for your bottle.  (I added water to mine after but you can do it now if you prefer)

Step 6
Arrange in whatever way you like and enjoy this very simple arrangement… ♥

All images taken by Joelle ♥

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