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DIY: Keep your makeup brushes clean.

We are back again with the lovely Monica at MHG Beauty, and today she has some fab tips for you on keeping your brushes clean. (Something I really need to do… I can’t imagine how gross they become after months of use and never being washed, it’s actually a pretty nasty thought lol)
And over to Monica…
Ever thought about the amount of bacteria that goes into a brush not only from the contact with your skin but from lying in your makeup kit? Yuck! Let’s not think about that and better just take care of it. It’s actually not a difficult task but it does require a few things for you not to ruin your brushes and make them last for a long time, after all, good professional makeup brushes are a bit expensive.
Here are the steps:

  1. Open your water faucet and place the bristles (hair part of the brush) under it with the bristles looking down (this is important so that the brush doesn’t lose its shape and also so that water doesn’t go into the handle which has the glue that attaches the hair to your brush, it will loosen the hair and you will have a much thinner brush that won’t work properly)
  1. Apply a pea size amount of preferably an organic moisturizing shampoo to the palm of your hand and with a circular motion rub the brush into it, don’t push it into your hand, remember we are trying to keep the brush’s original shape) Do this until the brush is completely clean.
  1. Rinse your brush placing it in the same way we did in step 1, letting water run through and with your hand squeeze the brush bristles in a gentle way under the faucet until the water comes out completely clear and there is no more shampoo in your brush.
  1. Squeeze the brush gently again away from the water to take off the excess and lay on top of a clean towel to dry. Never apply heat! If you do, say bye bye to your brush. The hair will burn and the glue will melt.

Yes I know it’s not the most enthusiastic thing to do but your skin will thank you for it. This will keep bacteria that might clog your pores and give you acne away from your beautiful skin and your brushes will last a very long time if you take good care of them. You don’t have to wash them daily. You can do this once every two weeks since you are using them only on yourself. If you share your brushes with anyone then clean them immediately after. If you have few brushes for your eye makeup I suggest you buy a brush cleanser, this is NEVER to substitute the shampoo ritual, it is to use when you want to change from one eyeshadow shade to another or in an emergency case when you need to quickly disinfect a brush and use it immediately, it drys fast since you are not using water.
Try it out! You will even feel the brushes are not only clean but softer on your skin.
Happy cleaning!
P.S. I play music while I do this, makes it a lot more fun.
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