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Feel light and beautiful with new juice cleanse wedding package from Detox Delight

Well hi there –
So it’s probably no secret by now that I’m a big fan of health and fitness and I am so excited to share my passion (okay fine obsession) with you gorgeous people. Brides obviously want to look amazing on their big day but what I really really believe is adopting a healthy lifestyle in preparation that works for you and makes you feel fantastic versus a crash diet that only leaves you feeling starving and worn out – because noone needs that with all the other stress that comes along with planning a wedding. With this in mind I am a huge fan of companies like juicing pros Detox Delight who go about helping their clients feel lighter and happier without having to make dramatic changes to their daily diet – meaning clients are more likely to achieve long-term and meaningful results.
So – as you might imagine I was pretty excited when the team at Detox Delight told me about their new wedding package for juice cleanses to help brideys feel their best.

Okay fair enough, at first glance a juice cleanse may seem like an extreme but it’s not quite as arduous as you might think. I’ve done a cleanse a couple of times now when I feel like I need to “reset” my eating habits and although I definitely miss the caffeine (total addict!) for the first couple of days, I genuinely feel brilliant by about day 3 and it is totally worth it. I’ve also found that you’re drinking quite a lot of juice so you don’t feel as hungry as you would think.
Yes you definitely lose a few pounds but for me I was just so excited about how much energy I had without relying on 2 or 3 coffees a day and how clean my body felt. It’s definitely a great way to kick-start a bride-ready health program or to give you a boost in the days counting down to the wedding.
“Vitamin and enzyme-rich juices cleanse your body from the inside, bringing the acid-base balance back, activating your metabolism and improving your health and wellbeing,” the team at Detox Delight tell us. Well I can’t argue with that.
So what’s involved?
Exclusively for brides, Detox Delight are offering a Wedding Special Juice Cleanse starting at AED 4420. It may seem a little pricey to begin with but the package is for two meaning you can team up with your bridesmaids, family members, Maid of Honour or your husband to be.
The package includes…
For healing the body from the inside:

  • Two 7-Day juice cleanse programmes
  • Two 7-Day Free Radical Catcher Shots

For healing the body on the outside:

  • Two Body Toning Oil Delight; infused with lemongrass and Moroccan mint, providing maximum hydration, relieving dryness and giving your skin a more toned and firm look

All products are 100% raw, vegan, free from added sugar, preservatives or flavourings and freshly made here in the UAE – and delivered right to your door.
For more info on Detox Delight’s wedding package and more visit their website here. All images provided by Detox Delight.
Happy juicing!

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