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Floral centerpieces we love…

OK so it’s probably rather obvious that I am slightly obsessed with flowers. My secret (well, not so secret now) dream job would be to open a small flower shop in Canada. We have no plans to move back now but one day, in the distant future we will, and for some reason I always have a vision of having a quaint little flower shop along a busy high street. I’d sell plants, fresh flowers and on weekends I’d style weddings with a young creative team of flower lovers like myself. Sounds rather nice doesn’t it 🙂 Anyway, so right now I have a window of free time aka Adeline is sleeping and I’m trying to get back into blogging as much as I can, and today it’s all about blooms. I’ve been browsing through old blogs and various and I’ve gathered a variety of styles that might tickle your fancy.
The long and low centerpiece.
Perfect for long rectangle tables. Even if you’re opting for round tables at your wedding it’s likely you will have one for your head table.You can’t beat a green garland 😉

The tall arrangement.
There is sort of a rule that we wedding folk use when styling a table with flowers. The arrangement should be either be really tall or really low, so that guests can see across the table. A thin base is key and won’t obstruct the view too much.

The cluster effect.
Using lots of little bottles and jars to create a pretty table scape. I love using different size bottles and vase, it’s a great way to create height and it can sometimes be more budget friendly too. (I say sometimes because it will depend of the types of flowers you use)