Four Weddings and a Bridesmaid

Four Weddings and a Bridesmaid by my lovely friend Amy….

I was sitting on a beach, surrounded by people when Claire called me to tell me she was engaged. To the delight of the tourists around me, I was unable to stifle girlish screams of excitement and subsequent floods of tears at the prospect of my big sister tying the knot.
About a year later, I was making my way round Spinneys when I got the phone call from Africa to tell me that Mark had popped the question and Fiona had said yes. Needless to say I dropped my apples, quite literally. Another year, another wedding!
Three years, two epic hen nights and four weddings later I have two sisters in wedded bliss. Yes, there are only two husbands involved here – what can I say, we don’t do weddings by halves in the Walker household.

The best part about this was that I got to play bridesmaid four times. It is a truly special role to play, whether it’s for your sister, cousin, best friend or insert-other-treasured-female-relation-here.  To be able to be with my sisters throughout every minute of the process is something I will never forget, from dress fittings to nattering over table plan arrangements and my personal favourite, sipping champagne in the hotel suite and calming any pre-ceremony nerves (ahem, not that they had any of course).

A lovely present in the form of a gorgeous Tiffany’s key necklace definitely sweetened the deal too – thank you sisters!

(Check out cute little Mable concentrating below, she took her role as flower girl very seriously.)
My advice? Do what you’re told, wear a pretty dress and give lots and lots of hugs.

You’re a bridesmaid for one day (or four in my case), but you’re a sister for life.
Break-ups, new jobs, parties, marathon chats until 6am and moving halfway across the world – I’ve been through countless tears and laughs with these two lovely ladies and I wouldn’t swap them for the world. They are my rocks, my teachers, my family and most importantly, my brides.

Naturally, I’ve been on the receiving end of a few jokes from beloved friends and family members about ‘two down, one to go.’
A little disclaimer on this one:
a)    I’m 24
b)    My mother’s bank balance needs time to recover
c)    I have been informed it will be at least a million years from my other half 😉
I’ll keep you posted on that one in a few years!
Sincerely from your favourite bridesmaid,
Huge hugs to Amy for sharing her story.  And as a witness I can say, she did a pretty good job at Fionas wedding 😉 xxx

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