Happy Friday from the USA!
Hello my lovelies.. how are you all? I’m now in New York and having a fab time so far. The retirement party we went to in Washington was a really nice event, even though I felt like a zombie with a bad of jet lag. lol. We are now in NYC for the next 3 days and have lots planned… eating, drinking and shopping. I will try and get another blog up on Sunday for you all.. if not, Monday at the latest. 🙂
If you missed anything this week… here’s my usual weekly roundup.
♥ Leanne & Sanjays London wedding Part 2    *click here*
♥  Leanne & Sanjays London wedding Part 1   *click here*
♥ August update. I’m not organised today.  *click here*
♥ DIY Cake Toppers  *click here*
♥ Love in the Seychelles by Blue Eye Picture  *click here*
Have a lovely weekend and I will be back soon.
Love Mrs C x

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