Good morning!
It’s bright and early and I’m just about to leave the house for the airport. I’m off to Cyprus for 5 days to see my school friends. I’ve got 4 girl friends who i’ve been  friends with since I was 12, so it’s going to be amazing girlie holiday. It’s 6am and I’m  about to press ‘Publish’ on my blog. (I’m so sleepy… I need caffine) I will be posting blogs every day but may not be on email all the time. Just FYI in case you can’t get hold of me.
Anyway here’s here’s the usual weekly roundup…
♥ Introducing Abela’s Bridal Boutique   *click here*
♥ Passport wedding invitations – Creative Box  *click here*
♥ DIY PRETTY TASSELS    *click here*
♥  Floral Inspiration – Beautiful Orchids   *click here*
♥ DIY Jar Lanterns @ Night  *click here*
♥ DIY Jar Lanterns *click here*
Have a great weekend everyone!
Love Joelle x

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