It’s Friday again and here’s the usual weekly roundup. Everyone have a good week? I’m pretty sure you’ll all be outside this weekend, the weather is fab! Oh and anyone going to the pet show? We went this morning with our dog Charlie. It’s not often you can take your dog to a show! 😉 ♥
If you missed anything… then just click on the links, oh so simple!
♥ Wedding cake.. 4 tiers & 4 flavors   *click here*
♥ Introducing… The Studio Dubai *click here*
♥ My Lovely Wedding… in the evening *click here*
♥ My Lovely Wedding…in the morning  *click here*
♥ Valentines day with Vintage Bloom  *click here*
♥ My Honeymoon part 2  *click here*
♥ What I didn’t tell you… *click here*
Have a super fun weekend out in the sun. Back tomorrow as usual…
Love Joelle xx

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