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Morning lovelies and Ramadan Kareem!
Sorry for not posting last week, I had a few technical issues and to be very honest I’m totally wiped out by 12 noon. I’m nearly 38 weeks pregnant and have a sneaky feeling this little man will be on his way very soon. I’ll keep you posted! Anyway, for today I’m back with a great blog by my lovely friend Monica at MHG Beauty.
Are you getting married or attending an event for which you have a specific hair look in mind? Worried it won’t look the same as your inspiration picture because your hair is shorter or more fine? ……your solution: hair extensions!! 
There are different kinds of hair extensions, my favorite? Clip-ins. I just love the convenience of wearing them only when needed. I also feel they last longer and in greater shape since you don’t wear them every day and you can wash them separately from your hair, which not only makes it easier but I feel keeps both the extensions and your natural hair cleaner.

Hair extensions not only give length but also the appearance of fuller hair. This looks amazing not only in person but in pictures as well.
Another great use for hair extensions is when you want to add dimension to your hair but are not willing to color your own. You can get hair extensions that have highlights or a balayage effect on them, this will bring your hairstyle to life since having different strand shades make details more visible.

There are so many brands of hair extensions. One of my favorites is Glossie hair extensions. Their hair looks so natural and each curtain has more hair than other brands which makes it look even more like your actual hair since there are no empty spaces. I also love that they send a test strand with your hair extensions order so you can check how well they match your hair color without having to open the full package.

Have a look at their page and if you fall in love with them like I did you can use the code BLUSHBEAUTY15 and get 15% off!!!
Here is to full, luscious hair!
Until our next beauty encounter,
Monica MHG beauty

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