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Furniture Rentals in Dubai ♥

Around this time of year the events industry is at it’s peak, with various music artists flying in, and the usual yearly events happening such as Formula 1 and the Rugby 7s. You may or may not notice that all of these events have lots and lots of furniture. Well obviously, it would be a bit silly if they didn’t and everyone would have to have to sit on the floor. Anyway….
If you’re getting married in Dubai and you are looking for bars, chiavari chairs or lounge furniture then hiring may be your only option. Lots of the hotels have a nice range of chair covers and standard cocktail tables that you can use, BUT if you want to use a classic chiavari chair then you need to hire it.

Image from img0.etsystatic.com.
This is one of the most popular wedding chairs because it’s so simple and romantic, and does not require a chair cover. I’m using white ones at my own wedding.
So my advice to you today is… shop around. Here are a few of the event rental companies in the UAE. Go on… have a browse. And if you are looking to hire extra furniture, book it up early… especially if you’re getting married around the time of a big event, such as the Rugby 7s. Just a little tip for today!  😉
* Design Event Furniture Rentals
* Red Orange Event Rentals
* Evolution Furniture
* Electra Exhibitions
* Catertainment
*CONTEMPO Events Design
Back tomorrow with more wedding related loveliness. ♥

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