Morning lovelies, how are we all today? Another day at home and I’m currently writing this blog from the comfort of my bedroom, in my pjs. Here in Dubai we are still staying home, I can’t even remember how long it’s been now but it feels like bloody ages. Anyway, today I’m sharing post no.3 in the ‘get to know my wedding mates’ blog series. Before we get started I thought I’d share a little story about how Rio and I became mates.

We started our businesses in the same year (2012), and at the beginning we were both making money the same way; selling add space, listings and helping vendors get work through our websites. MLW was a more personal blog and Bride Club was a bit more fancy. At the start there was some rivalry but rock on a year and we plucked up the courage to say hi at a wedding fair and the rest is history. We have been watching this industry grow together and that makes our relationship a little special. I have so much respect for Rio, in my eyes she is the ultimate girl boss. She’s so business savvy and without having initial competition in the beginning (we are talking about 8 years ago) I don’ know if MLW would what it is today. In these tough times It’s so important to stick together, and making friends with industry competitors is actually so much better for everyone. We will all compete for business but there will be times (like now) that having connections and friends in your industry is soooo what we need, and lets face it, we work in the wedding industry, and we all ‘LOVE’ love.

Rio, Maria, Monica and Joelle. – Coffee and wedding chat – 2014.

Now for the quiz bit.

The work stuff…

  1. What do you do? (Introduce yourself – name/ company) My name is Rhiannon, Founder of Club Media FZE. I’m a multi facet entrepreneur, better known as being the Founder of I am also a wedding industry business consultant at @bcmebiz and have another lifestyle website under our platform, the regions only media website dedicated to home life in the UAE.
  2. How long have you been in Dubai? Coming up to 12 years now! I still can’t believe it. 
  3. How did you start your business? I founded after noticing a distinct gap in the market when I was planning my wedding in Dubai. I could find nothing online to guide me through the process locally, no curated vendor list or online place where I could swoon over other Dubai weddings. I had 15 years’ experience in media and publishing, some savings and a new-found passion, and so I took the plunge and launched the website after blogging about my own wedding planning for a while.
  4. What’s the best thing about your job? No day is the same, it allows me to wear many hats and explore my creative side as well as my business mind 😊. I also love making a small difference in people’s lives, be it helping our readers (brides and grooms), wedding vendors elevate and improve their business strategies or providing inspo and ideas for the home at
  5. Do you have a team or work solo? I have a small team of freelancers who I trust and who have worked with me for years. These include my admin/graphic design assistant Maha, my copywriters and my wonderful husband Adam who takes care of my business’s IT needs. I handle all biz dev, marketing and sales across the Club Media FZE portfolio.
  6. What makes you different/ special/ unique? We are all special and unique, but I guess the fact that I am an extreme empath. That also has its disadvantages though. I am also very loyal.
  7. How have you been affected by COVID 19? Haven’t we all? Yes, absolutely, my clients, both industry professionals and engaged couples have all been affected, meaning my revenue has decreases substantially.
  8. What’s the first thing you’re going to do when life becomes a little normal? Plan a day of outings, starting with coffee with friends, lunch at my fav restaurant Maisan15 with family followed by an early evening picnic in a park – HUGGING everyone along the way!

The fun stuff… 

  1. What is the strangest talent you have? Ha-ha, I can impersonate people and do over 15 different accents.
  2. Do you have any strange phobias? If so what are they? Not sure if you would consider them strange, but I have a fear of flying and driving in the UAE. My fear of flying however, has been helped substantially by having hypnotherapy sessions. Highly recommended.
  3. What is the weirdest or worst thing you have ever eaten? Hmmmmm – DEFINITELY NOT BAT!! 
  4. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why? The super-power to cure idiots of their illness…joke. It would be teleportation right now, so I could escape these four walls when needed and sit on top of a mountain, in a forest or sit outside my 87-year-old grandma’s garden doors (social distancing of course) and have a chat. 
  5. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy? Not sure about buy! I would invest it all into finding a bloody COVID-19 Vaccine.
  6. Which three words describe you the best? Honest, funny, innovative
  7. What’s your favorite sandwich filling? M&S prawn mayo is the bomb! 

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