Getting Suited & Booted

Hello my lovelies,
OK, so quick update on the progress of Nathans wedding suit. We finally made a decision on a tailor and we have a colour. It’s dark grey and very nice indeed. Nathan dragged me to Ascots & Chapels after work last week and I helped him  go through a variety of suit colours. Between you and me, it was so boring. Once we chose the colour I had to sit around for 20 minutes twiddling my thumbs while he was being fitted. Lets just say, I totally understand why guys hate shopping. lol.
Anyway, it should take a few weeks and from what Nathan’s told me he’s even added a few personal details. Eeek.. what a cutie!

Ascots & Chapels locations;
Dubai Marina Mall – Dubai Marina
First Floor – shop 16,  Tel:  (+ 9714-427-0124)
Souk Al Bahar Old Town @ Downtown Dubai
Second floor – Shop 37, Tel:  (+9714-450-8576)
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
Marble Walk, Shop 37  Tel: +9714-325-2216
Ascots & Chapels pricing…
For a 2pc suit it starts at AED 2,500
Shirts are AED 300, and they currently have an offer for 4 shirts for only AED 1000.
OK so that seems like a lot for some but it’s custom made, you can add personal touches and just think how much your dress is going to be… 😉

Quick update…
So the good news is, we have the suit being made, my dress is almost done and I have my shoes. I still need to finalise my sisters dress (my maid of honour) and Abbies dress too (my flower girl/ bridesmaid) Oh, and my little brother Kiran needs a blazer and trousers, but that’s going to be last minute. eeek! And believe it or not, I only have 3 months to go. Yikes!
A full wedding update coming this afternoon ♥
*All photos by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding*

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