Getting to know Kara – My Lovely wedding planner

Hey Lovelies,
So it’s Ramadan and it may be a little quieter in the office for you these days, which for some of us is never a bad thing. Having a little free time to catch up of admin, read your favourite blogs and stalk your old classmates on FB is defiantly needed once in a while 😉 LOL. It’s ok, we all do it. No one is judging.
Because we are nice and want to keep you entertained Kara and I answered a few fun questions just for you. I’m hoping it gives you a little insight into who ‘Kara’ actually is. 😉
Kara - My Lovely Wedding Planner
Your job now… Now: My Lovely Wedding – Event Planner and full-time mummy
Your job then… Red Bull Energy Drink Events and Field Marketing Manager
Favourite colour… Coral, but this can change depending on mood and the season.
Favourite ice cream flavour…  Mint or Rum & Raisin. It’s a genuine tie.
Things you love… My husband and 2 little girls with all my heart. Travel, cooking (and eating it), drinking bubbles with my besties, making awesome cheese plates, researching everything (Google I love you!), organising anything I can get my hands on, reading, new iPhone apps and Weddings (attending, planning and being the creepy spy hiding behind the tree watching them when I don’t know the bride 🙂
Things you hate…  People who don’t look at you when speaking with them, Dubai speed bumps, mixing fruit and meat in a meal, when my battery goes flat on either my phone or laptop, I am literally devastated, cooking a meal to find I’m missing a key ingredient ( thank you Dubai delivery!) laziness and being away from our overseas family and friends.
Favourite store… Pharmacies!  Or book shops…. Bonds (shop in oz). John Lewis has rocked my world lately but now I’m finding online shopping is my go to place!
Favourite beverage… Champagne obviously 😉 Real champagne, like from the heart of France – not prosecco wanna be.
Favourite flower… Peonies
What are you reading right now… 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
What are you watching right now… Walking Dead with my husband, Girls when I’m alone.
What are you scared of…  My little girls growing up, my credit card bill, rain on a wedding day 🙂
Who is your mentor… My dad and I love everything that comes out of  Mia Freedman’s mouth (Feminist, author, editor, blogger, and founder of a woman’s media company)
So there you have it… she’s a super start Mum from Australia, who loves champagne, peonies and her favourite store is the Pharmacy. Oh and she’s now a wedding planner. 😉

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