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There is a reason why I capitalised VIDEO in the title, and that’s because today’s blog is all about videography by Goldfish Photography & Video.
In my last blog about Goldfish, I didn’t mention video and that’s because I wanted to spread out the love. Videography is something I’m totally in love with. For me, it’s just as important as the photography, the flowers and even the white wedding dress.
Goldfish are a little different to the other videographers I’ve featured and that’s because they are specializing in slow motion cinematography.  Before I babble on too much I’m going to leave you to watch the video…

And I know what you’re thinking… what a gorgeous bride. Well, guess who that is? Claire!! And for those of you who want something a little more traditional and are not into ‘slow motion cinematography’ then not to worry, they also produce lovely films in a more traditional way too.
This next video is just as lovely and I am sooo in love with the music behind it. I have no idea where these creative folks find these wedding songs but… I need them in my life. Get your tissues ready folks…

Chad and Yasmina from Goldfish Dubai on Vimeo.
If you’d like to know more about Goldfish, or maybe meet the team for a general chit chat about your wedding day then please contact Claire on 056 244 6141 or check out www.goldfishdubai.com just for fun. And don’t forget to ask about the My Lovely Wedding discount! xx

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