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Earlier this week I was invited to the launch of Exquisite Events’. A fabulous new events company taking glam to the next level. It’s all in the name… and with a name like ‘Exquisite Events, you would expect nothing less than the best. I’ll be posting a full report later this week, but today I wanted to give my favorite cake vendor Gourmelicious a little shout out.
Sara and Soha worked for days creating a display of breathtaking wedding cakes for the launch, and I have all the behind the scene details for you…
We opted to have creations that are florid, graceful, and have a unique approach to the late baroque terms of artistry in shape & form.
One of those terms would be the use of pastel-like colors that Marie Antoinette favored in her fashion.”  Sara
Note that each cake stacked on top of another serves a significant purpose in that place.
Gourmelicious Gourmelicious The White cake has motifs painted in 23k Edible Gold decorated with an additional quilted center and some fantasy sugar flowers.
“I put on some light music and switched on the patience button to sit, create, and paint; I knew this would take a while, but I was in my own world.”  Sara
Gourmelicious Gourmelicious  “The thought process behind these cakes came from Marie Antoinette and the 18th century Rococo style, an ornate and elegant theme. The work is inspired from some motifs and wall painting, but most importantly we aimed to creating the style of cakes that we absolutely love. “ Soha  
“Over the past few years, the traditional wedding cake has taken on a huge transformation, the new innovations call for sophistication and edible works of art. It’s wonderful when a bride asks us to create our own design, after knowing details about her wedding, ideas flow through our minds and we start sketching. We love what we do and are very happy to share it with all of you.”  Soha <3 
We advice “Brides-to-be” to know their cake designer well, choose them wisely and for the right reasons.
For instance, an iced cake is not a Gourmelicious cake, remember they don’t call us designers for nothing; we inspire, create, but don’t replicate.

And that is exactly what I love Gourmelicious so much. They have grown so much since I first met them, and I’m so proud to feature them on My Lovely Wedding. It’s amazing what you can achieve with the right attitude, hard work, and lots of love and passion for what you do.
If you’re looking for a wedding cake then these are your girls…
Check out https://www.facebook.com/Gourmelicious

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