Happy Valentines Day… ♥

Ah, it’s Valentines day… the day of love.
For all you love birds out there I hope you’re having a very sweet day. Boys… it’s not too late to order flowers (if you haven’t already) Nathan that goes for you too… 😉
OK, so today… because it’s Valentines day and I love… love. I’m sharing some of Hazels hearts. Hazel McNab is a British artist based in Shropshire, England who is creating one heart every day for 366 days. It’s really amazing and I just wanted to share them with you. I think they will put you in a smiley mood. ♥ I always seem to doodle hearts when I’m in a good mood, especially on the phone. Does anyone else do that?
Anyway… have a browse through these gorgeous creations and have a very lovely Valentines Day.

All images by Hazel McNab. For more info on Hazel and how to purchase one of her lovely hearts check out her website *here*  ♥
Back later today… xxx

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