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Hello from Switzerland!

Hey Lovelies,
I’m currently traveling to Geneva airport after an awesome week in Verbier, Switzerland. (It’s a two hour train journey so thought I’d make my self useful and prep a blog for later) The town is really sweet, and despite it being very quite we managed to keep ourselves occupied with long mountain walks and several games of Uno. It’s the one thing we always take away… it’s probably my favourite card game of all time. If you’re into outdoor holidays, or fancy yourself as a pro skier, then I suggest you visit the lovely town of Verbier in the winter season. Nathan used to be a semi-pro mountain biker so he was in his element with all the down hill bike tracks. We stayed at the gorgeous W Hotel but the town is full of chalets if you prefer that kind of thing.
Vacation photos - Switzerland
Vacation photos - Switzerland
Luckily for us we only had one day of rain and the rest of the week we had sunshine all day long. I don’t know about you but I love sunny crisp cold days. I’ve included a few photos (taken with my iPhone) which really don’t do the views any justice at all. But I guess a few amateur pics are better than no pics right?
Vacation photos - Switzerland
Anyway my lovelies, I better dash as I’m about to board my flight back to Dubai. Oh I’m sorry for the lack of blog action this week. I did expect to have a bit more free time to work but since the hubby promised not to work for the week I couldn’t exactly ask for some ‘me’ time to crack open the laptop. 🙂
Back soon my lovelies!

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