Hello little Adeline {Newborn Lifestyle Shoot}

Morning Lovelies,
Today I’m sharing a collection of photos captured by my new friend Lisel. These were taken 3 weeks after Adeline was born and looking back I can’t believe how tiny she was. Lisel and her family were in Dubai for a wedding and we connected on FB through a mutual friend. She lives in Perth with her husband and adorable baby girl Izzy. The first time I met Lisel was when she rocked up to my house with her camera on a Friday morning. Luckily for me she was super lovely and made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I was a little hesitant as I wasn’t exactly feeling my best 3 weeks post C section.

The best bit about this shoot was knowing that I’d have these images forever. It’s not often you get the opportunity to have your photo taken by a professional, and especially when you’ve just brought a little human into the world. My mum was also staying with us so I asked Lisel to take a few of Adeline with her Granny Michelle.

I think I heard an ‘Awwwww’?? Yes, I know baby feet are amazing. I’m also a big fan of baby hands and chubby thighs too, although Adeline isn’t very chubby…. yet! I’m working on it. 😉
Thanks again to Lisel…. if you’re in the mood for more delightful images then check out her website: http://www.lieslcheney.com
Back soon….

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