Hello Sunday. | I'm back from Sri Lanka.

Hello Lovelies,
I’m back from Sri Lanka and catching up with emails, and general admin duties. It’s Sunday and so far my morning is flying by. I’m goinjg to spend the next few hours preparing for this weeks blog posts.. and boy, do I have some good ones for you… DIY chocolate favors, real wedding videos, and lots of lovely wedding inspiration. I’ll also be updating the blog with my new vendor page and press page too. It’s going to take me a few days so please bare with me.  #busybee
I’ve added a few photos from my trip to Sri Lanka, and felt like I wanted to tell you about my visit to a local orphanage in Colombo. We went to see the small kids, and we took sandwiches, and snacks for them to enjoy. My Step Mum and I prepeared goodie bags for the kids… which they just loved!
Sri Lanka Trip - Orphanage in Colombo
This little girl is a 4 year old orphan. She was the sweetest little thing. It was my 2nd visit there and for some reason it effected me even more than the first. It took everything for me to not break down in tears, but it was truly amazing to see these little kids buzzing around with smiling faces and getting stuck into their goodie bags. Orphanage in ColomboOrphanage in Colombo
These little kids are found on the streets and put into care by the government. It breaks my heart to see a child without a home.  As you can see from their little faces, they were delighted to see us. It made their day.. and mine too. I’m going back in June and plan on taking school supplies and toys for every child. This orphanage needs support, and somehow I plan on supporting them. I just need to figure out how. 🙂
OK my lovelies, enough with my rambling. I must get back to work… back later!!

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