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Holiday Makeup tips by Monica

Oh wait!!! It’s that time of year when glitter becomes my new best friend. It’s weird how around the holidays people accept you for wearing glittery leggings, painting your nails green and red (I don’t do that but I’ve seen people who do) and sparkles are a must in any outfit. Oh yes… here at MLW we love the holidays!! {Amy will tell you I’m slightly obsessed… like, just a little bit}  So just because we love the holidays so much the lovely Monica has put together some makeup tips for all your festive occasions…
Hey there! Yes! It’s that time of the year when makeup companies put their coveted Christmas kits, which could mean stocking up on best-selling products or trying new products you didn’t know you wanted. Remember never to be afraid of color. You might fall in love. The best part is these stores will let you play around and try products, turning them into our version of a toy store. I’ve put together a list of tips on how you can turn your everyday makeup into holiday glam!

  1. Eyeliner is coming to town

Adding eyeliner to any eye makeup immediately makes your eyes pop. Cat eyes and smudge liner are a must this autumn-winter. My favorite gel liners are MAC blacktrack gel liner and benefits push up liner to create that perfect cat eye. As for eyeliners you can easily smudge, I suggest smolder by MAC and Make up forever’s “aqua eyes” liners.

  1. Sleigh Smoky eye Ride

Don’t be scared of smoky eyes, they don’t always have to be done in black. They can be done in any shade, the term smoky refers to the way the eyeshadow is blended into the skin and gives it a smoked look. For this season try them in gold, bronze, blue, silver and black.

  1. Dark lips under the mistletoe

The holiday season always calls for dark lips. Even though there are no rules when it comes to makeup, it’s all about taste and personality, I am always a fan of making one of the areas of your face the star of the night. So I suggest doing a more subtle look on the eyes when wearing a dark lip.

  1. Shimmer all the way

This is the perfect time to go crazy with the shimmer. It immediately turns your look into a more glamorous one. Use it as a highlighter on the high points of the face (cheekbone, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow). On your body apply on your collar bone, shoulders and if you are wearing a dress or skirt that show your legs, apply it on your tibia, down in a straight line, this will make them look slimmer.

  1. Let it Glitter

What can I say, I love glitter! You can add glitter on top of literally any eyeshadow. MAC and makeup forever make amazing loose glitter in every shade. I love applying it with my finger only in the middle of the eyelid.

  1. Winter WonderLashes

False lashes are the perfect way to complete your look. There are so many to choose from. I love false lashes but I always like to use ones that make my eyes pop but still look natural. It all depends on your eye shape and size. If your eyes are small you can go for something like ardell’s babys or MAC’s #32, if your eyes are bigger you can use MAC’s #8 or #12. Huda lashes also has a range of very full dramatic beautiful ones. Try them; I am sure you will love how your eyes will immediately look more open and glamorous.
 Makeup and hair by me in all photographs. 
Image credits;
Bernie and Bindi, JVR photography, Maria Sundin, Andrea Bradley (Mexico), Barbara Casso (Mexico
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Happy holidays everyone!

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