How to envolve family in your destination wedding.

Most of us living in Dubai are expats, and it’s likely you’ve left your family back home for a career in the sandpit. I remember when I got married I was very aware that I was pretty much planning my wedding alone, well with the help of Nathan of course, but my family didn’t really have much say in what went down. Most of the wedding was actually my side of the family and school friends. Nathans family had never been to Dubai, so it made it a little harder to get them involved. However, asking questions and wanting their opinions made it easier to get them involved even though we had an 8 eight-time difference. It’s an easy way to make your loved ones feel like they’ve had a little part in planning your big day.
So here are a few tips… 
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Choosing a theme
Share ideas with your family, especially mothers. As a mum now I know that this wedding day is just as important to them as it is to you. *I’m not planning Adelines but I do have some ideas. * No Pinterest board has been created… yet. hahaha. 😉 Setting up a Pinterest board is the easiest way to do it. Add them as a ‘pinner’ and let the fun begin.
Finding the dress
For a lot of brides finding a wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding, and having your Mum, Dad or a close relative or best friend by your side is just as important. I assume everyone is aiming for happy tears right and that ‘OMG’ reaction.
Wedding favours
One of my favourite ways to add a bit of ‘home’ to a wedding is in the wedding favours. A traditional sweet, a jar of local honey, a stick of rock or maybe a bottle of Lea Perrins Worcestershire sauce could make a fun and personal touch to your wedding. It’s also a job that you can delegate to a best friend, bridesmaids or relative who might not even be in the country!
The reason I write this blog today is that it’s one of the most common subjects I have with my brides. They are planning alone without an entourage of family and I thought it might be a something worth reading. 🙂
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*Photography by Maria Sundin.

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