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I love Pottery Barn ♥

That’s right my lovelies, I love Pottery Barn. For the past few weeks I’ve been on the hunt for big steel buckets, and after a trip to Satwa, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Dragon Mart I can finally say that I’ve found what I have been looking for.
These are amazing…. OK so, they could of been a little cheaper (they are AED 235 each) but we worked it out and it was better for us to buy these buckets and a few accessories than to hire a bar for our wedding day.

What do you think? Pretty awesome huh?!
We also bought these amazing drink dispensers for our afternoon tea. They were AED 350 each… yep, not that cheap but again we can use them again so totally worth it! I haven’t opened them as knowing me I’d probably drop it so I think I’ll keep them wrapped up safe & sound. But this is exactly what they look like.. (Picture from the Pottery Barn website)

If you’re looking for buckets for your own wedding or even a garden party then you may have to wait a while, we bought the last 2 in the store. But they do have other style party buckets and I’ve seen them in a few other home decor shops too.
So this afternoons blog goes out to Pottery Barn @ Dubai Mall. Thank you for making my day 🙂 x
P.S In case you’re wondering what the buckets will look like when in use… here’s the idea 😉
(Picture from the Pottery Barn website.)

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