Introducing Frog & Thistle Wedding Photography {Based in Dubai}

I recently met photography duo ‘Frog & Thistle‘ at my usual hangout in Starbucks in Marina Mall.  (I’ll get to the name later) We nattered about weddings for well over an hour, and obsessed about the cutest wedding details, and how they photograph so well.  It’s always refreshing to leave a meeting feeling inspired and excited. I love discovering new talent, new vendors and making new friends. You can really tell when someone loves their job. Like lost of people in the wedding industry, they had an opportunity to turn a passion into a business and after months of hard work they did just that. With a lot of love, hard work and ambition, you really can achieve so much. From day one they set out to make this business their future. They invested in branding, a website and all the proper bits and bobs that you need to start a business here in the UAE. Believe me, all of things are not easy.

Frog & Thistle wedding photography in Dubai

OK… back to ‘Frog & Thistle’. You may be thinking… ‘that’s an odd name??!!’ Well, let me explain… Angela is the  from Scotland (The Thistle)  and Julie is from France – (The Frog). It’s rather creative isn’t it and I’m pretty sure you won’t forget the name in a hurry. The two ladies met a few years back and shared a love for photography. Angela used to work in the Media  film industry so  has years of experience under her belt, which helps of course with organising crew for large scale weddings, directing families, and helping happy couples feel comfortable when posing for the camera. Frog & Thistle wedding photography in Dubai Frog & Thistle wedding photography in Dubai Frog & Thistle wedding photography in Dubai

Photography by Frog & Thistle.

I’ll be featuring one of their fabulous Dubai weddings very soon on MLW. (I know… I’m too good to you lot, but like you I just love pretty pictures) 😉

Oh and don’t forget to visit  http://www.frogandthistlephotography.com/  it’s launching very soon! xx

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