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Good morning everyone ♥
It’s Sunday again… how did that weekend fly by so quickly? lol. This morning I’m introducing you to Gul, a Dubai based photographer. I discovered Gul though Facebook and when I finally got round to emailing him he told me that he was actually reading my blog when the email landed in his inbox. How cool is that? 🙂  Anyway, we met last week at Starbucks and talked about My Lovely Wedding, the art of wedding photography and how we can work together. It’s so awesome that I’m finding myself meeting so many amazing and talented people, and lots of them are through Facebook… thank you Mark Zuckerberg lol.
Anyway, enough with my rambling and more about Gul…
Hi, I’m Gul! A proud father of a five year old and a loving husband.  Inspired by my parents vivid stories and photographs from childhood, my passion for photography    began in order to capture precious moments and share them for forever.
Being a photographer is all bout storytelling and seeing the world through each client’s eyes. It is about documenting the human spirit, your spirit, which is so unique.
Documenting memories and turning them in to tangible moments you can enjoy for a lifetime is nothing new for me. Having been involved in the industry for so many years gave me the opportunity to understand what makes each subject so different and so special.
I specialize in capturing the emotion of our clients, their families and their special moments in life. A wedding album is the first family heirloom of a brand new family. I hope you’ll allow us to help capture those memories and turn them in to individual works of art to cherish forever.

For more lovely photos and info on Gul & his photography services go to his website www.gul-photography.com ♥

*All photos by Gul Photography*


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