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Introducing Iluma Lamps – Pretty & creative lighting for UAE weddings

A few weeks ago I stumbled across Iluma Lamps through one of my lovely vendors; Vintage Bloom. After ‘liking’ the image of Instagram and investigating further I was left feeling excited, and believe it or not I even had goosebumps. I haven’t had a moment like this since I discovered Canvas & Wood back in 2012.
I remember the moment when the email came through from Natalie with an intro to their beloved Tipis. My heart skipped a beat and I literally jumped off my seat and made a little squeal. I was on the hunt for picnic benches for my wedding when I discovered that they were available to rent.  After hours of failed searches, it was like she heard my calling.
View More: http://mariasundin.pass.us/ba
The same thing happened when I discovered  Iluma Lamps. I was about to start working on a floor plan for a wedding in October and I was debating whether we should use globe string lights across the outdoor lawn. My gut feeling was telling me it’s not the right look, but yet my only other option would be trussing and big ugly spot lights. No. Thank. You. So as you can imagine when I saw this particular picture online I knew this would be the perfect lighting solution for my outdoor wedding.
View More: http://mariasundin.pass.us/ba
About 5 minutes later I emailed Amy and introduced myself. A week later we met for coffee and spent an hour talking about events, weddings and the ideal lighting for an outdoor wedding. It’s rather exciting when you meet someone you instantly click with. I left feeling excited.
So because I want only the best for my lovely readers I think it’s a must that you guys should know all about this wonderful new company –  Iluma Lamps.
So what makes these lamps so special?

  • Dramatic Aesthetic in lots of colours and designs to suit your event decor.  More coming into stock weekly.
  • Wireless Lighting – no cords.  Potential to avoid expensive lighting contractors.
  • Remote Controllable – turn on/off or dim via one universal remote control.
  • Warm ambient light – not cold LED light.
  • New to Dubai (everyone loves something no-one else has in this town!)

If you’re getting married soon and fancy lighting your venue with these lovely lamps then visit the www.iluma-lamps.com or download their Iluma Lamps – Catalogue for more info.
I’ll be posting more from  Iluma Lamps over the next few months, and I can guarantee you’ll be seeing these lamps take Dubai by storm. Watch this space people!

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