Leanne & Sanjays London wedding – Part 1

Let me introduce you to Mr. Taran Wilkhu. I first met Taran about 5 yeras ago through a project I did at University. I entered a film making competition, along with two of my class mates, and to cut a long story short we won. We then flew all the way to Japan for an award.. It was amazing, and that’s how I met Taran. He organised our trip and tried to teach us a few words of Japanese. I could ramble on for another 500 words but I won’t. Anyway, we’ve somehow kept in touch and  here we are today…
Taran is business man with Japanese connections by day, and a fabulous photographer by night… and weekends. He’s a rather talented soul, and has a gorgeous wife, and an even more gorgeous 2 year old son. He’s just started shooting weddings, and lucky for me we get to see them first. I just high fived myself! 
So here we are… Leanne and Sanjays London wedding ♥
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The couple married on the 30th June in London with 150 of their closest friends and family.  This wedding is so lovely because it’s so different, an infusion of cultures, styles and DIY details.
And over to Taran and our lovely bride.. 
I was recently fortunate to shoot the fabulous wedding celebrations of Leanne and Sanjay in the countryside of Derbyshire, England. The couple met at University in Yorkshire several years ago and are currently living and working in Abu Dhabi. 
Coming from differing cultures (English & Indian), the couple who are totally smitten with each other styled their Indian themed wedding according to their fun, dynamic and colourful sense of humour. – Taran 

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The decor details…
I had the thoughts in my head on how I wanted our wedding to look so I started on the design process and the sourcing of items which took some great effort with living in another country so help from mum and friends was greatly appreciated.
I started first with the colours and worked in the theme from this creating a scrapbook of all the things I liked, then proceeded in buying table centrepieces and customizing these to fit in with the theme… I gave my mum the task of finding the coloured lanterns which she did a great job as the colours where perfect for both rooms.
The candy buffet was great fun especially picking the sweets and designing the labels which took me hours to cut out (not soo much fun) but all in all loved every single minute of making our day totally individual to us!
Your inspiration behind the day
A mix of colour and culture with a splash of vintage. Tune in tomorrow for all the decor details!
Favorite memory of the day
The whole day was truly special from start to finish the good times definitely outweighed the stress. I must admit I did really enjoy our evening disco it really brought back some great memories!
Music choices and any advice you have for brides planning now
The request to our DJ was to create a blend of the two cultures in the afternoon with a mix of oldies and new songs to suit all and the evening was bring back the old school disco …..which was totally brilliant took me straight back to my teens.
My advice would be to make sure you keep everything in a scrapbook, start by collecting everything you see that you love in images and work from this …it really does help you decide on your theme and is a keepsake for future memories…And enjoy every minute of planning make it enjoyable and this will show in the finished product.

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Leanne & Sanjay (1066 of 67)Part 2 of this gorgeous London wedding coming up tomorrow… x x
Photography by Taran Wilkhu – www.taranwilkhu.com 

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