My little Adeline…

It’s been a while since I blogged about my baby girl, and today I was in the mood to share a few pictures. It also helps that Maria Sundin took these images back in October when Adeline came down to say hello to Mummy at work. She happily posed for the camera and sat on the step as we all watched and witnessed her modelling skills. It was a very cute moment. I also can’t quite believe how blonde she is, and how much she looks like ‘Daddy’.
Maria_Sundin_Photography_MyLovelyWedding_Set-up_Magnolia-60 Maria_Sundin_Photography_MyLovelyWedding_Set-up_Magnolia-61 Maria_Sundin_Photography_MyLovelyWedding_Set-up_Magnolia-62 Maria_Sundin_Photography_MyLovelyWedding_Set-up_Magnolia-63
If you missed my blog about my personal news you can read it here: if you can’t be bothered to click back I’ll tell you again that I’m pregnant… and I’m having a boy!!! I’m making a little brother for baby Adeline. It would be funny if our son looked just like Mummy. 😉 You never know right?
Anyway, I better dash… I have so much going on this week and December is mental. We have another 3 weddings and I’m styling an engagement party too. Oh yeah, and it’s nearly Christmas! yay!!!
Back soon lovelies.. xx

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