My Lovely Baby – Pregnancy update at 35 weeks & counting!

Hey Lovelies,
I don’t have a much to report this week. I’m getting bigger and bigger by the day, and sleeping has become even more uncomfortable than before. Sleeping on my right is a no-go and despite getting comfortable after restructuring 7 pillows, it all seems like a waste of effort because I have to go pee about 8 times a night. For anyone else in their 3rd trimester, you’ll know exactly what I mean. And for future mummies to-be…. when and if you go through the same thing, you’ll know others are in the same boat you are.
BTW someone told me sleeping with 7 pillows is totally normal at this stage. Our bed can’t get any fuller, with Nathan by my side and Charlie at the end of the bed (my smaller pooch) it’s somewhat cosy. Talking of the pooches, I must say they have been amazing. They usually bounce all over me but I’m pretty sure they know something is going on. They have also shown the bump a lot of love… which literally makes my heart melt.
Oh and I threw in a few pictures of the nursery corner for fun. More on that coming soon!
Last week I had another scan and I’m happy to confirm she’s growing at a perfect pace. Last monday she weighed approximately 2.5kg, which is apparently the right weight to be at this stage. I must admit, I’m pretty good at this baby making stuff. Well done body! 
So you wanna know the best bits about pregnancy….
– I’m growing a real little human being inside me. It continues to blow my mind!
– Every kick, movement and hiccup is the best feeling ever.
– You can eat without feeling bloated, because you already have a massive bump. #pregnancy perks
– I’m expanding my family, and the excitement is so overwhelming that I’m getting a little impatient.
– Again… I’m growing a little human and she’s mine. Mind blowing!
The not so good bits…
– Finding anything to wear thats comfortable and stylish. It’s becoming a chore.
– Feeling tired by 3pm. I’m usually in my pjs by 4.30pm daily.
– Wobbling like a duck. I know it’s coming… I can feel it.
– Pregnancy brain! OMG it’s a real thing. I’m so forgetful these days.
– Gas – need I say more?!
– Having the urge to pee every 30 minutes is now standard.
– Randomly feeling so emotional that you shed a tear driving down Sheikh Zayed road.
– Braxton Hicks – basically like fake contractions that make you feel like crap.
But again… it’s oh so worth it. Less than 5 weeks to go… OMG.
While I’m here I thought I’d mention my lovely little baby shower too.
Baby shower for Joelle
So last Saturday It was baby shower day. Between my friends Kara and Liz they arranged a beautiful baby shower for me, which to my great surprise included mini burgers, mini cheese and cucumber sandwiches and a variety of lunch time treats, which followed with scones and a homemade cake created by Ana at Nice Ribbon Atelier. I guess you could say the theme was peach and gold with a few gold safari animals thrown in for fun.  A little like my nursery. I handmade favours for all my girls as I wanted to say thank you for coming and give something back too. We didn’t have games, but we did talk about babies, what to expect and I opened presents in front of everyone… it was like Christmas but only for me. I felt so loved and spoilt… I know this little girl is going to to surrounded by inspirational, strong women role models and tons and tons of love. It sort of makes it easier begin away from family when you know you have so many amazing friends.
I actually forgot to take photos but I gathered a few from my guests to show you a sneak peek from my very lovely day.
I’ll be back with another pregnancy update very soon, and it may include some photos from my Nursery. I’m having some professional images taken this week which is super exciting.
Have a lovely Monday…

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