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My lovely wedding ideas ♥

Guess what people… I have just over 4 months until I get married. Wowsers that’s not that long is it? I must say I am very excited! Sometimes I’m so excited I can’t sleep. I think I’m seriously wedding obsessed. (that’s probably very obvious considering I write a  wedding blog) BUT saying that I’m defiantly not a bridezilla and aim to stay that way. Nathan and my friend Clare (who’s sort of like my Dubai maid of honour) would also agree that I’m not stressed or demanding, I just quietly get stuff done. 😉
So in a few weeks I plan to meet with the lovely Asha at Olivier Dolz to go over the details for my wedding décor. My colour theme is very simple, white with a touch of green. I never wanted anything too colour coordinated because that’s just not me (or Nathan) so I opted for simple. If we decide to add a splash of colour later then we can but for now it’s something similar to the flowers below…. Oh and i’m totally in love with willow. I want height and lots of it!

I’ve also been thinking about creative ways that I can display our wedding cake and other bits an bobs. I LOVE these crates but it’s just trying to find the right kind in Dubai. I guess I could have them made or does that defeat the point of recycling? Hmmm….
My lighting ideas so far consist of hanging white lanterns and hanging lights covering the entire venue. I also love glass lanterns and candles which I plan to use wherever possible. Candle light is romantic and being a big soppy romantic that’s exactly what I want.
 So that’s a few of my ideas so far. What do you think? I think out of all of the lovely wedding venues in Dubai we defiantly chose the right one for what we want. (The Address Montgomerie) I shall update you with more of my wedding ideas soon, no doubt they will develop and change but that’s part of the fun I guess 🙂
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