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My new obsession: The White Company {MyList.ae Partner Store}

A few years ago when I was less of a grown up, and maybe less sophisticated than I am now (actually I think I’m the same… I somewhat like my student style and love for skateboard art) I wouldn’t have dreamed of buying pure Egyptian cotton bed sheets when I could have gone to Ikea and spent a fraction of the price. However, when you get married, grow up and plan for the future buying Egyptian cotton bed sheets makes sense. You’re buying quality. I want bed sheets to last me 10 years. I remember my step mum would buy them in the sales and get so excited. I had no idea why until now.

Not only do The White Company sell a luxurious collection of bed linen, towels and bathroom accessories, they also have a stunning collection of home decorations. My current favourite are the heart shape plates. I’ve been in about 5 times in the past 8 weeks just to look at them. However I can’t justify buying plates we don’t’ really need. Bed sheets however we do need. I’m 30 this year so I think it’s time to upgrade.

The White Company - My new obsession in Dubai

By registering with MyList.ae it makes it easier for your guests to buy you gifts that you actually need. You won’t end up with 5 toasters or a juice mixer you’ll never use. From experience I would buy things that will last you a long time. Things you wouldn’t normally buy; such as Egyptian cotton bed sheets or Le Creuset pots and good quality kitchen knives. It may sound a little dull but believe me it’s a good investment. And if you do have any money left you could also ask your new hubby to swing by Galeries Lafayette for a little ‘wife shopping’.

For more information on how to register at MyList.ae please click on the link below. Or you can give my friend Julie a call and she will help you set up an account.

Website: www.MyList.ae

Email: contact@mylist.ae 

Telephone:  04 455 8544

Happy shopping my lovelies…

P.S The ‘5 toaster’ comment goes out to my bride Ezra who text me last week to say… ‘Joelle… I need your help. Where can I go for a gift registry so I don’t end up with 5 toasters?’. It made me giggle.

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