My normal day.

A good friend of mine asked me the other day what I love most about my job, and I replied with “ The thing that makes me smile the most is getting an email from a bride who reads my blog.” It’s true, It makes my day when I hear from a bride-to-be.
Another friend asked me what my work day was like, so I thought I’d give you a insight into my usual day as a wedding blogger.
7.45.am – Wake up, check my emails, facebook and twitter. I then crawl out of bed and grab some clothes (nothing special, just something that doesn’t resemble pjs for my morning walk)
8.05am – By the time I’ve fed Charlie, and put her harness on, we are ready to rock and roll. We leave the house and head towards Starbucks.
8.30am – Return from my morning walk with Charlie with a tall skinny latte
8.45am – Jump in the shower, and get ready for the day
9.20am – I’m usually at my desk by 9am, but if I have a meeting and need to do hair and makeup then I’ll get ready first. I start by planning my day and writing a list of things to do. Having a to-do list is a must!

11am – I usually head out for a meeting around mid morning, and pick up groceries on my way home. If I have no meetings I’ll work all day, sometimes in my pjs. (I’ll shower, and then get back into my pjs lol)  😉
1.30pm – I normally grab something easy for lunch, I find that I get back into student mode and eat toast, cereal or crackers for lunch. I’m lazy.. and never order in, so that’s why toast or cereal usually gets priority.

1.45pm – I’ll then spend my afternoon blogging, emailing, browsing pinterest and trying to enjoy twitter. Twitter is something that I’m not overally excited about. I think one day it will click with me, but for now… mahhh, whatever!
5.pm – Charlie goes for another walk with her doggie friends. She has a boyfriend called Biggie Smalls, he’s a chiwawa (She totally loves biggie and they even kiss… it’s too cute!) Charlie also has doggie friend called Hayley, not sure what breed she is though.  She plays with them for an hour and has a long walk along the marina. I normally take her out around 12.30pm for a quick walk but right now it’s way too hot.

6.30pm – I normally stop working at my desk at about this time, and start prepping for dinner. I always try and have dinner ready for when Nathan gets home around 7.30-8pm. He has a pretty stressful job, so if I can make his life a little easier by having a yummy dinner ready for him, then that’s what I do. Plus I love cooking, it relaxes me and I switch off from everything around me. Nathan and I usually chat at the dinner table for about an hour, we catch up on our day and have some ‘us’ time. I always think it’s important to communicate properly, so chatting every evening is a must!
9pm – I’m normally on the sofa watching CSI, Masterchef or New Girl. I’m slightly addicted to all of them. I’m not going to lie, I love TV. I also check my emails, browse pinterest and browse the web while watching tv.
10.30pm –  Bed time. Nathan, Charlie and I head up to bed and it’s lights off by 11pm. I sleep around 8-9 hours a night. I’m not sure why I sleep so much but I do, and I love it.
By the way, I do try to go to the gym, and I do normally have more than one meeting a day… but every day is different, and that’s what I love about working for myself.
So there we go, that’s my day and it’s not that exciting.. but it works for me. Oh, and this week I’ve started swimming in the mornings… it’s my new thing 🙂 Oh, and do you like my new office? Just after I posted pictures of my office a few weeks ago, we decided to invest in some proper shelving, and a new desk.  I’m a lucky girl! 🙂
Ohhhh… better go… work to do!
Back later my lovelies x

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