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A week last Thursday I ditched work in return for a morning of pampering. I was invited to experience the new Red Flower Hammam Ritual treatment  at The Address Downtown. It was 90 minutes of pure bliss. I was also the first ever person to experience their new hair treatment, so I felt kinda privileged.
I arrived at The Address Downtown and valet parked my car before making my way up to level 13 to the spa. Walking towards the reception I could hear my shoes squeaking, it was almost embarrassing. I’ve never noticed it before but the quietness was obvious. It was the first time in ages that it was blissfully quiet with a candle lit reception I instantly felt a wave of calmness over my body. I usually feel a bit guilty taking time off on a week day but it was Thursday so I forced myself to relax and work a half day. {The perks of being my own boss}
Before I started my treatment I was asked to select my music which was awesome because I get really distracted by the classic relation music, ya know the kind that involves flutes and the sounds of ocean waves. It’s not relaxing, it’s just annoying. So when I got to pick out my own music, I chose the ‘Chillout’ selection, which was just my cup of tea.
The Address Downtown Spa
I started the treatment off by a quick trip to the steam room, and when I say quick I mean it was around 8 minutes. It’s not my favourite thing to do but I was advised that it would help relax the muscles before the treatment. I showered and slipped on the little black undies under my robe. I was escorted to my treatment room by Sri; one of the senior therapists at The Address Downtown Spa.
The treatment was fantastic. It combined a massage, a scrub down, a mud body wrap and a second massage. Sri started with the hair treatment and massaged my scalp with oil. I must admit that having my hair massaged is my absolute favorite, so having 30 minutes dedicated to my hair was pure bliss. I would really recommend the body wrap before a big event (such as your wedding) because it’s deep cleansing and really did leave my skin glowing. Despite 90 minutes sounding rather long for a treatment, it was really worth it. A little bit of ‘Me’ time is just what I needed. Oh and I probably should also mention 3 different people commented on my glowing locks just after my treatment. 🙂 So yeah, the proof is the pudding, well actually it’s in my hair but you know what I mean.
For information on booking and prices please contact The Spa directly on 04 4368755 or email spa.downtowndubai@theaddress.com

Website: http://www.theaddress.com/en/hotels/the-address-downtown-dubai/spa-and-wellness/index.aspx

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