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My super easy homemade sweetie jar…

Hello and good morning!!!
Today I’m showing you how to make your very own sweetie jar. This is so easy I’m not sure why I’m even bothering lol.
Things you’ll need…♥
*A hole puncher
*Brown card (Or any colour will do)
*Lace, ribbion or something pretty for the rim of the jar
*A clean jam jar
*Lots of yummy sweeties ♥

Step 1. Cut a small rectangle from your brown card

then add two holes on either side using the hole puncher

Step 2. Label your card… ‘Sweeties’ or ‘Candy’, or ‘KEEP OUT’… you get the idea 😉

and then swoop the string through the holes. Then tie it around the jar.

Step 3. Add lace or ribbon around the rim of the jar and your nearly done…

Last thing… fill your jar with sweeties and enjoy…

Happy eating…
Love Joelle xxx

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