My wedding flowers and all the details…

Good morning my Lovelies,
I thought I’d start the week off with something pretty, and today that’s my wedding flowers. When I posted my wedding pictures 2 weeks ago I purposely didn’t give you all the details because I wanted to take each part of my wedding and break it down for you. So, today it’s all about the flowers.
The Centrepieces…
I’d say, and probably most florists will agree that your dining table arrangements are one of the most important floral elements in your wedding. I opted for tall centrepieces because I knew that as my guests walked down to the ceremony area, the first thing they would see is the dining tables for the evening reception. I wanted to ‘wow’ my guests.
The flowers used in the arrangements were small white roses, baby’s breath and gladiolus with lots of willow to give the arrangement the extra height.

The Ceremony…
My original idea was to have 2 simple willow arrangements at the top of the aisle, however, my florist used more flowers and created 2 floor based arrangements, similar to the ones on the tables. The wind was quite strong so it was safer to have something on the floor. Can you imagine if they had fallen over while I was walking down the aisle? Not a nice thought at all!

My Bouquet…
My bouquet was created with small white roses and baby’s breath, It was simple and elegant. I didn’t want anything too big or fussy, and I made sure my bouquet was the same size as my bridesmaids. My dress was vintage and long, so I really didn’t want anything too big. It looks so pretty being held by my little brother Kiran.  ♥

All Around…
All around the venue I placed empty jars tied with lace and brown string, my florist Oliver Dolz then placed baby’s breath or small white roses in each jar. This worked out perfectly, as it was cost effective and It really brought the whole wedding together. I even got to take the flowers home with me the next day as they were in my jars! Bonus!

So, you’re probably wondering how much this all cost? Well, I’m going to tell you now.
Here’s what we spent…
Each table centrepiece cost AED 700. This also included a variety of small candles around the table.
Each ceremony arrangement cost AED 500
Each jar filled with flowers cost AED 20 each. The jars and bottles are my own so the florist only had to provide the flower. The bottles were a little cheaper at only AED 15 for each flower.
So by reusing old jars, buying your own vases, and asking your florist only for the flowers you really can save some extra Dirhams. Also, if you have a budget in mind then tell your florist, explain what you want and see if they can create something within your budget. You’d be surprised how flexible people can be… sometimes 😉
Back later x
Flowers: Oliver Dolz 
Photography: Simon Charlton
Venue: The Address Montgomerie, Dubai

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