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My Wedding Invitations

Good afternoon people…
I hope you all had a smashing weekend? I thought I’d start the week off with something crafty… my wedding invitations. Believe it or not I have spent hours and hours hand making all of my wedding invitations. *click here for the first part of my invitations*
I ended up buying brown card and envelopes online a few months ago in the UK. I bought them online because  it was one of the only places that provided card  made from recycled paper and to buy in bulk was much cheaper. I am going to make a trip to dragon mart very soon to try and find some similar stationery, if you’ve been to dragon mart you’ll know that you can buy absolutely anything there… it really is amazing. But you need a few hours to really wonder around as there is so many stalls its slightly overwhelming. I actually found my favor bags there which match the style of the invitations. I’ll let you know if I’m successful 🙂
Anyway, I’ve finally sent out most of my invitations and feel that now would be a good time to show you what we did. (Yes it’s a ‘we’, Nathan my lovely fiance got very involved with the invitations and I think secretly he quite enjoyed getting a bit crafty) Over several weeks we sat at the dinner table cutting out lace hearts, stamping out names and piecing together our very own wedding invitations.
I’m really happy we decided to do it ourselves, not only because we saved soo much money but because it felt really personal and it was something we did together. We added the photo RSVP so that we could have everyone’s picture up on the wedding day. We figured it would be a great way for our guests to put names to faces  and it’s again very personal because there are only 70 people invited. 🙂

If i had to give out any advice about making your own wedding invitations it would be this…
* Buy extra card and envelopes so that you can play around with your ideas
* Take your time on the design and ask friends for their opinions
* Get online and do some research about suppliers and wholesalers. If you buy in bulk you’ll probably get a much better price
* Think about all of your stationery. How about the menu’s and thank you cards? (I actually bought my card and other extras for my wedding favors and menu’s just in case I couldn’t find anything similar later… it’s better to be safe than sorry right 😉 )
* Be creative & don’t worry if it’s a little out side of ‘the box’ it’s your wedding day 🙂
* Have fun making them and get the husband-to-be involved 🙂 He may not like it at first but he’ll soon come around.
Hope you like mine…
*All photos by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding.*

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